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Varieties of roses with descriptions, titles and photos

Modern varieties of roses amaze with their diversity. Therefore, we consider only some varieties of rose flowers with certain characteristics that are interesting for growing crops in our country. The following characteristic of rose varieties allows you to choose the appropriate look for your site. The roses shown in the photo with the name of the variety and the description will help determine and make the right choice. The proposed description of the varieties of roses fully correspond to their real agrotechnical value. All presented varieties of roses with photos and names were selected from specialized catalogs and are accompanied by expert descriptions. Some names of roses have a dual name, in the people they are better known by other names. This mainly applies to old cultivars.

Therefore, if you see on the page a variety of roses with a photo and description suitable for the flower that you have, but under a different name, do not be surprised. This is not a mistake, but only the result of a different interpretation of the name.

So, look at the varieties of roses with photos, choose and enjoy the magnificent views of these garden flowers.

This article describes the roses that grow in the gardens of the Moscow region. Instead of describing the method of shelter for the winter, we indicate the figure corresponding to the zone of winter hardiness. If the zone is 6, the rose must be covered; 5 - a bush is enough to tie, bend down and cover with lutrasil; 4 - you can not tilt and cover.

What are the most winter-hardy varieties of roses (with photos)

We will begin to study what varieties of roses are from cultivars of French selection. If you do not know which varieties of roses to plant - take these and can not go wrong.

'Astronomia' (Astronomy); ground cover rose, Meiyan, France, 2006, 6 zone.

Very beautiful five-petal, large flowers - with a diameter of 8, see. Glossy foliage. The height of the bush 60-70, see These same winter-hardy varieties of roses are very resistant to diseases.

'Bingo Meillandecor' (Bingo Meiändecor); Schrab, Meiyan, France, 1994, 5 zone.

This is a whole sea of ​​flowers. The flowers are simple, pink with yellow stamens and a white eye, collected in brushes for 10-20 pieces. Bush height and width up to 1,2 m, spiny. These winter-hardy varieties of roses give plenty of bloom all summer. Good health, good winter hardiness.

'Bonica 82' (Bonika 82); Floribunda, Meiyan, France, 1985, 5 zone.

Blooms tirelessly. Bush height to 1 m. The flowers are pink, small, but they are on the bush a great many. Very good disease resistance. Delivers shading.

'Bordure Abricot' (Border Abrikot); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 2008, 6 zone.

Charming rose. Bush strong, upright, height up to 1 m. Flowers with a diameter up to 7 cm, smooth color of ripe apricot, hold on for a long time. It blooms all summer. Very disease resistant rose.

'Bordure Vive' (Border Viv); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 1985, 6 zone.

It is allocated with long and plentiful flowering. The flowers are of cyclamen color, lighter towards the center, and the petal lining is white. The foliage is very healthy. Height 30-50 cm. Delivers partial shade.

'Camille Pissarro' (Camille Pissarro); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 1996, 6 zone.

Charming large flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm have a diverse palette of colors: yellow and white, red and pink in pure shades. Nice apple-pink aroma. Height 80-100 cm.

Look at winter-hardy varieties of roses in the photo - there is plenty to choose from among such beauty:

Cold-resistant varieties of roses

'Carmagnole' (Carmagnole); Schrab, Delbar, France, 1989, 6 zone.

These frost-resistant varieties of two-colored roses - very tenderness and delight. Lace petals give it lightness. On the 2-3 branch of a flower with a diameter of 10-11, see. The bush is strong, healthy, very prickly. The leaves are glossy. Height 1-1,2 m.

'Centenaire de Lourdes Rose' (Santener de Lourdes Rose), Mrs Jones; Floribunda, Delbar Chaber, France, 1958, 6 zone.

The flowers are pink, rounded, terry, with a diameter up to 10, see. This rose has a pure color that attracts attention. Lush and abundant flowering. The rose has an extraordinary disease resistance and does not require a garter. Height from 80 cm to 1 m.

'Chartreuse de Parme' (Chartreuse de Parm); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 1996, 6 Zone.

The flower is well-built, warm lilac-pink color, with a strong fascinating citrus-floral aroma. The flowers are large, with a diameter up to 10 cm, bright lilac color. 80-90 bush height, see

Frost resistant roses

'Colossal Meidiland' (Colossal Maidiland); Schrab, Meiyan, France, I 2004, 5 zone.

Beautiful powerful bush up to 1,5. The flowers are crimson-reddish color, diameter 5-7, see. The leaves are glossy, on flexible arcuate shoots. Frost-resistant varieties of roses and they have excellent resistance to diseases.

'Comtesse du Barry' (Comtes du Barry); floribunda; Verschuren-Meiyan France, 1996, 6 zone.

Very abundant flowering, because of the flowers can not see the foliage. On each branch, two or three dozen buds are formed, which, dissolving, form an elegant hat, iridescent colors from lemon yellow to almost white. Flowers diameter 6 cm, globose, densely double. Bushes are growing rapidly, height 60 cm, strong shoots. The variety is resistant to diseases and good winter hardiness.

'Domaine de Saint Jean de Beauregard' (Domain de Saint Jean de Beauregard); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 2005, 6 zone.

Unpretentious rose with small bright red dense flowers. The height of the 60-80 see. Blooms profusely throughout the season. The variety is very disease resistant.

'Decor Arlequin' (Decor Harlequin); Schrab, Meiyan, France, 1986, 6 zone.

Unusual pink-yellow flowers with a rugged edge, the reverse side of the petals are strawberry-red. The flowers are large, diameter 9-11 cm, terry, with a light scent. Shrub vigorous, up to 1,7 m. Foliage glossy, healthy. Flowering is not very abundant. The variety is resistant to diseases.

The best new varieties of garden roses (with video and photo)

'Ghislaine de Feligonde' (Gisline de Feligonde); climbing rose; Turba, France, 1916, 6 zone.

These varieties of garden roses can be grown as a bush, and as a climbing culture. At the beginning of flowering, the bush is covered with clusters of small apricot buds that bloom in double flowers with a diameter of 4 cm, a paler shade, then fade to white. The branches are very flexible, if you lay them out horizontally, then the lateral buds wake up, and in the end you get a blooming wall. The fragrance of the flowers is not strong. Rose is resistant to disease and rain. Re-bloom is not abundant.

'Guy Savoy' (Guy Savoy); Schrab, Delbar, France, 2001, 6 zone.

The flowers are lilac-pink with white strokes, exuding an orange-peach flavor. These are new varieties of roses, which have a large, strong bush with a height of 1,5 m and a width of 1 m. It is good in a single planting, in groups and even as a hedge. The variety is very disease resistant. It does not suffer from rain.

'Henri Matisse' (Henri Matisse); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 1995, 6 Zone.

Unusually elegant rose with strawberry-pink aroma. When dissolved, these best varieties of roses give a wide palette of colors: white, red, pink, crimson. Flowers with a diameter of 9-10 cm. Bush very powerful, height 80-100 cm, blooming profusely. The variety is disease resistant.

Look at the best varieties of roses in the photo, where everything written above is illustrated:

'Hommage a Barbara' (Ommage and Barbara); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 2004, 6 Zone.

Blooms unusually long. The flowers are 8-10 cm in diameter, rich red with a black velvet bloom, thanks to which golden reflections appear on the reverse side of the petals. The flowers are kept for a month, then the bush again picks up the buds. The bush is symmetrical, regular shape, height 80, see. Disease resistant.

Next, the varieties of roses in the video are considered in terms of their decorativeness.

What kind of roses is better

If you want to know what kind of roses will look better on the site, then study the following types.

'Imperatrice Farah' (Empress Farah); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 1992, 6 Zone.

Elegant white bud with carmine border blooming in a noble flower with fringed petals, diameter 12-13, see. The more the sun, the brighter it will manifest its two-color. The aroma is very subtle. Cut flowers long stand in a vase. The bush is powerful. Height 1,2 m and more. Flowering long and repeated.

'Leonardo da Vinci' (Leonardo da Vinci); Floribunda, Meiyan, France, 1994, 5 zone.

The flowers are dense, double-shaped, of an intense pink color, 6-8 diameter cm, almost odorless, in inflorescences, do not fade. The leaves are dark green, healthy. Bushes are powerful, dense, up to 1 m in height and 60-80 diameter, see. You can not cover, but be sure to bend down.

'Louise Odier' ​​(Louise Odier); park bourbon rose; Margotin, France, 1851, 5 zone.

The bush is vigorous, 1,5 m high, but maybe higher, it blooms all summer. The flowers are terry, fragrant, diameter 7 cm, very beautiful, healthy foliage.

Unpretentious roses of different varieties

'Madame Delbard' (Madame Delbar); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 1985, 6 Zone.

These unpretentious varieties of roses have unusual buds with a diameter of 8-9 cm, bloom in dark red double flowers with thin and velvety petals. For two weeks in the garden or the vase the flowers are perfectly preserved. Bush straight, height up to 1 m. Disease resistance is average.

'Magic Meillandecor' (Magik Meijandekor); Schrab, Meiyan, France, 1993, 6 zone.

The flowers are small, semi-double, in brushes on 3-10 pieces, dark pink with a white eye in the center and golden stamens, continue to appear until the first frost. The leaves are unusually beautiful - small, dark green, very shiny. The height of the 30-50 bush is cm, and the width reaches 1,5 m, which allows using the rose as a spectacular ground-cover plant. Winter-hardy and very disease-resistant grade.

'Malicorne' (Malicorne); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 6 zone.

Small, with a diameter of 5-7 cm, a cupped flower of brown-red tone exudes a light fragrance. Petals as blooming flower bend inward. Blooms profusely all summer. The flower lasts about a month. The bush is upright, height up to 1 m and cm wide 60. Since the roses of different varieties were crossed, the species is highly resistant to diseases. Rain does not harm flowers.

The most beautiful and popular varieties of roses

'Mamy Blue' (Mami Blue); Hybrid Rose, Delbar, France, 1991, 6 Zone.

The most "blue rose" in the collection of Delbara. The diameter of the flower 9-10, see. Very strong floral scent. These popular varieties of roses form a straight bush, height 80-100, see. The rose stands in cut to 10 days.

'Maurice Utrillo' (Maurice Utriyo); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 2003, 6 Zone.

Seductive rose of lively red color with wide white and yellow strokes, blooming profusely, with a mushroom scent and very resistant to diseases. The diameter of the flower 7-9 cm. These most beautiful varieties of roses give a bush compact, not falling apart, up to 80 height, see.

'Meli-Melo' (Meli-Melo); Orar, France, 1998, 6 zone.

Flowers with bright red, yellow and white strokes and stripes, diameter 8 cm, very fragrant. No flower repeats another. And on the same bush can be striped flowers, and red and yellow. The height of the bush 80-100, see. The variety is quite resistant to disease.

'Paul Gauguin' (Paul Gauguin); Floribunda, Delbar, France, 2007, 6 zone.

Flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm, peach-salmon with pink-red stripes, brighten by the end of flowering. Bush height up to 1 m, with dark green foliage.

The best resistant varieties of roses: photos and description

'Mitsouko' (Mitsuko); Hybrid Rose, Delbar, France, 1971, 6 Zone.

Look at the best varieties of roses in the photo with a description: a symphony of color comes from the center, surrounded by graceful petals with a flowery strawberry scent.

The height of the bush 'Mitsouko' 60-80, see. Foliage dense and shiny. The variety is sufficiently resistant to disease.

'Olivier Roellinger' (Olivier Rollinger); Schrab, Delbar, France, 2002, 6 zone.

Bush height 1,5 m. These resistant varieties of roses give yellow buds with pink veins and border, the flowers are rather large, non-double, yellow-pink. Blossom is very abundant. The grade differs in exclusive resistance to diseases.

'Pimprenelle' (Pimprenel); Schrab, Delbar, France, 1997, 6 zone.

Powerful bush. Flowers with a diameter of 6-7 cm, pale yellow with delicate petals and stamens give the rose elegance. It is simple and elegant, richly flowering, with flexible shoots. The leaves are bright green, glossy. These very best varieties of roses are good as a bright accent in the garden. Bush 80 cm and above.

'Rose Cascade' (Rose Cascade); ground cover rose, Delbar, France, 2001, 6 zone.

A myriad of simple flowers, abundant flowering and power. Flowers with a diameter up to 5 cm, hold for a very long time, do not crumble. The branches are long, cascading. The height of the bush 60 cm, width up to 100 cm. Very resistant to rain and disease rose.

Long-blooming roseless varieties

'Rose des Cisterciens' (Rose de Sisterssen); Schrab, Delbar, France, 1998, 4 zone.

These long-flowered varieties of roses give double flowers, wide, with a diameter of 8-10 cm, with cut wavy petals of light yellow and pink color, with a charming pink-lemon smell. Height 1-1,2 m. When you look at a flowering bush, it seems that the flowers are floating in the air.

'Rouge Meillandecor' (Rouge Meijandekor); Schrab, Meiyan, France, 1989, 4 zone.

Flowers velvet-red with a white eye and yellow stamens, very bright, with a diameter up to 7, see. The whole season blooms profusely. Small scarlet fruits may appear. The bush is large, rounded, up to 1 m in height, and even wider to 2 m. It is often necessary to cut to 40, see. These uncovered rose varieties have good health and good winter hardiness.

'Saint-Exupery' (Saint-Exupery); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 2003, 4 Zone.

A tightly stuffed bud opens into a large, up to 10 cm in diameter, luxurious flower of a warm bright pink color, with a pleasant pink scent. On the stem of the flower 3-4. The bush is strong, see 80 height. In bad years it may be affected by black spot.

'Soeur Emmanuelle' (Ser Emmanuel); Hybrid Tea Rose, Delbar, France, 2004, 4 Zone.

Classic vintage flower shape. The smell is strong. Luxurious lilac flowers. The bush is powerful, usually 1 m in height, but in the autumn flowering shoots often reach a height of 1,5 m. The variety is very resistant to diseases.

Old varieties of roses for the garden (with pictures)

'Soleil du Monde' (Soleil du Mont); Hybrid Tea Rose, Landscape Roses Series; Delbar, France, 1980, 6 zone.

Two-color fragrant rose. Yellow color of petals smoothly turns into orange. The center of the flower is somewhat lighter. Leathery dark green leaves. 80-100 height see. These old rose varieties can be thought of as magnificent accent plants.

'Sorbet Framboise' (Sorbet Frambois); Schrab, Delbar, France, 1994, 6 zone.

These variegated varieties of roses for the garden look like prostus, but they are fascinating. White-pink-lilac petals surround the eye of yellow stamens. Small flowers, with a diameter up to 5, see. Each flower does not live long, but there is a constant change from faded to newly blossomed. Bush straight, height up to 1 m.

'Telethon' (Teleton); Schrab, Delbar, France, 1974, 6 zone.

The flowers are large, diameter 10-12 cm, terry, similar to the flowers of tea and hybrid roses. Color cream on the edges and apricot in the center. Subtle and strong aroma gives this rose a special appeal. The foliage is brilliant. The bush is powerful, upright, height 80, see. The variety is resistant to diseases.

Look at the pictures of the varieties of roses presented above - they show all the magnificence of the culture:

Northern varieties of garden roses (with photos of flowers)

Northern varieties of roses are reliable, resistant to our climate, with less worries when preparing for the winter.

'Alabaster' (Alabaster); Floribunda, Tantau, 2007, 6 zone.

Very beautiful rose. The flowers are large, densely framed, arranged in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces, long held on a bush height 60-90, see. Foliage glossy, healthy. Resistant to black spot.

Look at the roses of this variety in the photo of flowers, where both the buds and the already blooming specimens are shown:

'Amulett' (Amulet); miniature rose; Tantau, Germany, 1991, 6 zone.

The flowers are not large, with a diameter of 3-4 cm, double, rich pink. At first they bloom with a classic rose, in full dissolution they resemble a dahlia flower. Shrubs up to 50 cm. Bloom all the summer without getting tired.

'Astrid Graffin von Hardenberg' (Astrid Graffin von Hardenberg); Schrab, Tantau, Germany, 2001, 6 zone.

Powerful shrub with stiff shoots up to 1,5. M. The flowers are large, maroon with a blue color, velvet, with an aroma of medium strength. First they bloom with a classic rose, and in full dissolution they have the appearance of a real antique rose.

See these varieties of garden roses in the photo, which illustrates the richness of shades of petals:

'Elfe' (Elf); Climbing Rose, Tantau, Germany, 2000, 6 zone.

Flowering shoots are very hard, reach a height of 2 m. Flowers are terry, white with a green glow at the base of the petals, fragrant. Foliage glossy. Rose is disease resistant. It blooms all summer.

'Flammentanz' (Flamentants); climbing rose; Cordes, Germany, 1955, 4 zone.

The flowers are sparkling, bright red, double, diameter 6-8 cm, odorless, in dense inflorescences. Bushes of strong growth, with long, up to 3,5 m and more, shoots. Gradually grow in width to 1,5 m. Blossom is a one-time, but very abundant - a month stands a wall of roses. The aroma is not strong, but pleasant. In the winter you need to swaddle the rose with lutrasil. As soon as the snow falls, I scoop a pillow 30-40 high above it, see

'Flammentanz (Frulingsduft); rose hybrid feminine, Cordes, Germany, 1949, 5 zone.

Elegant buds, large, with a diameter of 8 cm, peach-pink flowers with a strong aroma. Bushes vigorous, 2 m in height and width. Growing bush quickly. Shoots bushy. It blooms early, once. Sometimes there is re-bloom.

'Gebruder Grimm' (Gebrruder Grimm); floribunda; Cordes, Germany, 2002, 6 zone.

The flowers are double, orange-pink, 7-8 diameter cm, fragrant. The leaves are shiny, healthy. The bushes are large, thick, 70 cm high and 50 wide cm. The variety is very resistant to diseases.

'Hansaland' (Hansaland); Rose Hybrid Rose, Cordes, Germany, 1993, 4 Zone.

The flowers are dazzling-red, diameter 7 cm, semi-double, appear in small racemes at the ends of strong shoots. Bush wide, upright, prickly, compact, up to 1,8 m, remontant. Rose is disease resistant. It hibernates without shelter, but can freeze.

'Home & Garden' (Home & Garden); floribunda; Cordes, Germany, 2001, 6 zone.

Terry flowers resembling old roses, up to 8 cm in diameter, odorless, gathered in dense inflorescences. Bushes are compact, cm height 80 and cm width 50.

'Midsummer' (Midsummer); floribunda; Tantau, Germany, 2008, 6 zone.

The flowers are medium-sized, saturated orange-red-yellow, divided into four parts. They appear on sturdy peduncles, collected in inflorescences. Foliage glossy. Height of a bush of 80-100 see. The rose is steady against diseases.

'Moto' (Momo); climbing rose; Knock, Germany, 1994, 6 zone.

Very prickly rose. The shoots are red, flexible, and end in buds of inflorescences. Small, glossy leaves at the dissolution of red, then turn green, in the fall again become reddish. The flowers are dark red, diameter 4 cm, terry. One wave of flowering replaces another. The height of the shoots in the catalog - to 2,5 m. This rose can be very beautifully braid support. Resistant to diseases.

'Mozart' (Mozart); Schrab, rose musky hybrid; Lambert, Germany, 1937, 5 zone.

Blossoms fragrant non-double flowers dense pink color with a bright white eye. The flowers are small, diameter 3 cm, collected in large inflorescences. Abundant flowering until late autumn. The bush is very strong, spreading, height and width up to 1 m. The leaves are dark green, leathery. The variety is highly resistant to diseases. It is enough to bend down for the winter.

'Nostalgie' (Nostalgie); hybrid tea rose; Tantau, Germany, 1996, 6 zone.

The flowers are large, 10-11 diameter cm, cupped, with spun white petals in the center and bright cherry-red around the edges. Flowers open slowly, long cut. Petals have a slightly wavy edge. Bush compact, up to 1 m tall, neat, with brilliant, healthy foliage. Blooms again.

'Raubritter' (raubritter); climbing rose rambler; Cordes, Germany, 1936, 5 zone.

This rose has amazing flowers: pink-silver balls. They are small, diameter 4-5 cm, but a lot of them on loose brushes. Shrub up to 3 m, with flexible branches, blooms once, but very long.

'Robusta' (Robusta); rose hybrid rugosa; Cordes, Germany, 1979, 4 zone.

The flowers are simple, bright red, with a diameter of 7-8 cm, almost odorless, gathered in brushes for 5-10 pieces. The shrub is vertical, 1,5-2 height m and 1,5 width m. It blooms all summer. Easy to handle. Shade-tolerant In the first winter after landing should be covered. It may freeze, but is easily restored.

'Rokoko' (Rococo); shrab; Tantau, Germany, 1987, 6 zone.

A very beautiful shrub up to 1,5 m. The flowers are charming, double, with a diameter of 11 cm, quickly open the center, showing yellow stamens, wavy petals, peach-cream color. By the end of flowering petals fade to cream color. The aroma of wild roses. The variety is resistant to diseases.

'Rosarium Uetersen' (Rosarium Whethersen); climbing rose; Cordes, Germany, 1977, 5 zone.

The flowers are large, with a diameter of 9-10 cm, densely double, dark pink inside and silvery-pink outside, collected in large brushes. The foliage is shiny, healthy. The bush can be grown and as climbing. rose, with stems long to 3 m, and as a srub, to 2 m.

'Rugelda' (Rugelda); rose hybrid rugosa, park rose; Cordes, Germany, 1989, 5 zone.

The flowers are terry, yellow-orange with red edges of the petals, when flowering show middle, fragrant, with a diameter up to 9 cm, gathered in inflorescences. Shrubs up to 2 m and up to 1 m wide. Good disease resistance. Without shelter frosting.

'Super Dorothy' (Super Dorothy); climbing rose rambler; Hetzel, Germany, 1986, 5 zone.

This variety is based on the variety 'Dorothy Perkins'. The variety is more resistant than the original to disease and blooms again. The flowers are small, 3-4 cm, bright pink color, collected in large brush. The bloom is so abundant that no foliage is visible. The leaves are small, glossy. The height of the bush 2-3 m. Very resistant to diseases rose.

'Super Excelsa' (Super Excelsa); climbing rose rambler; Hetzel, Germany, 1986, 5 zone.

The flowers are small, with a diameter of 3-4 cm, bright crimson, collected in large brush. Blooming profuse, can not see foliage. The height of the bush 1,5-2 m. Very resistant to diseases rose. Blooms again. Gorgeous on the trunk.

'Veilchenblau' (Weilchenblau); climbing rose, rose flower hybrid; Kiese, Germany, 1909, 5 zone.

The flowers are reddish-purple at first, then lose their red tint and become dark-blue-violet, and just before the withering they turn gray-purple. In the center of the flower is a white peephole. Flowers with a diameter of 3,5 cm hold on the plant for a long time. Pleasant aroma. The rose can reach a height of 3-4 m and a width of 2 m, without thorns. Need strong support. Blossoms once per season. Hardy rose, can grow in partial shade.

'Westerland' (Westerland); shrab; Cordes, Germany, 1969, 6 zone.

The flowers are copper-orange with a pinkish tinge, large, semi-double, with a diameter of 10-12 cm, gathered in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces, very fragrant. The bush is strong, of medium size, height 1,5 m, width 80 cm. Growing a rose is possible both on a support and without it. Variety resistant to diseases, winter hardy. Flowering from June to frost.

English roses: varieties with photos and descriptions

Varieties of English roses feel good in our climate. They are relatively undemanding to sunlight. Dampness is also more easily tolerated by many other roses. See further on the English roses variety page with a description from which the general characteristics will be clear. A choice of English roses will help description with a photo, where you can see with your own eyes the beauty of these colors.

'Abraham Darby' (Abraham Derby); shrab, English rose; David Austin, England, 1985, 6 zone.

One of the most popular Austin roses. A charming aroma of large, up to 15 cm in diameter, apricot-pink flowers conquers. The flowers are dense, heavy, so they look down, the middle is densely colored, to the edges the intensity decreases. Rose requires support. The height of the bush 1,2- 1,5 m. Disease resistance is good.

Further, the English roses of this variety are shown in the photo in bloom.

'Ballerina' (Ballerina); Schrab, rose musky hybrid; Bental, England, 1937, 6 zone.

Whoever sees this rose for the first time thinks that it is phlox. The flowers of this variety are light pink, small, cm diameter 2-3, but their inflorescence ranges from 30 to 50 pieces. The flower has five petals. The bush is tall, in some years up to 1,5 m, and up to 1,5 m wide. It is a very hardy variety. Light cover is required.

'Compassion' (Comp); climbing rose; Harkness, England, 1972, 6 zone.

The flowers are terry, beautifully shaped, diameter 8-10 cm, very fragrant, solitary or in inflorescences. The leaves are shiny, healthy. Bushes are powerful, sprawling, 2,5 m in height and more and 1-1,2 wide. M. Blossom is abundant, repetitive.

'Grace' (Grace); Floribunda, English Rose; David Austin, England, 2001, 6 zone.

This rose has a wonderful peach color of the petals, lightened to the edges, and the gentle smell of a real peach. The flower looks like a dahlia. In inflorescences on 3-7 flowers. A fast-growing rose, reaches a height of 1,2 m and a width of 1 m. Flowering is continuous. The plant is resistant to diseases.

'James Galway' (James Galway); English rose; David Austin, England, 2000, 6 zone.

Terry flowers with a diameter of 10-12 cm, pale pink-purple in the center, and at the edges more pale. Petals are very densely folded. The flowers look up or to the side, which is not so common in English roses. Very delicate pink fragrance. The bush is fast-growing, almost without thorns. It can be grown as a shrub up to 1,4 m and as a climbing rose up to 2,5 m.

'Jubilee Celebration' (Jubilee Celebration); Schrab, David Austin, England, 2002, 6 zone.

This rose was named to commemorate the Queen’s golden jubilee, so she is by definition one of the best roses. Flowers with a diameter of 10-12 cm, rich salmon-pink color with a golden hue on the back of the petals, smell of fruit, lemon and fresh strawberries. Rose blooms profusely and long-lasting, resistant to diseases. Shrub vigorous, beautiful shape, height up to 1,2 m.

'Rhapsody in Blue' (Rapsody in Blue); floribunda; Caulishou / Warner, England, 2002, 6 zone.

The rose has an extraordinary violet-purple color. Flowers with a diameter of 5-6 cm, simple, with a white eye and yellow stamens, do not fade in the sun. Bush strong, straight, height 1,2-1,5 m. Blooms all summer. Well blooms almost in the shade.

Varieties of holland roses

Next, consider the varieties of Dutch roses, suitable for cultivation in our country.

'American Pillar' (American Pillar); climbing rose, De Goe, Holland, 2002, 5 zone.

Flowers with a diameter of 6 cm, carmine-pink color with a white eye and yellow stamens, appear on the brushes on 10-20 pieces. Vigorous shrub up to 4 m, with a lot of thin spiny shoots with scarlet spikes. Healthy foliage. The rose is easy to lay and winters well.

'FJ Grootendorst' (FJ Grothendorst); rose hybrid rugoza; De Goe, Holland, 1918, 4 zone.

This is a very elegant, unpretentious rose. Flowers appear in the brushes by 10 pieces. The flower itself is similar to a carnation, carmine-red, up to 4, see. Height in the 100 catalog, see. True, if it is not cut off, it becomes “kneeling”. Stems are very prickly. Winters successfully without shelter and does not freeze over.

'Claude Monet' (Claude Monet); Hybrid Tea Rose, De Goe, Holland, 1992, 6 Zone.

On flowers with a diameter up to 9, see strokes of white, red, yellow, which are mixed in the center. The most fragrant rose. Powerful, abundantly blooming rose bush. Height 80-100, see

'New Dawn' (New Dawn); climbing rose; De Goe, Holland, 1930, 5 zone.

The flowers are terry, beautifully shaped, amazingly delicate pink in color, diameter 6-8 cm, fragrant. Bushes dense, thick, powerful growth, up to 2,5 m and more, gradually increasing in width. The flowering of the first wave is abundant. Delivers partial shade and diffused shadow.

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