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Climbing Roses: Variety Name and Pruning Rules

In climbing roses, as is clear from the name of this group, they have long, flexible whips, which makes it possible to use them in landscaping the site in various ways. For example, varieties of climbing roses with small flowers are perfect for decorating a pergola or decorating an arched structure, while large-flowered forms can be planted as a tapeworm for creating an emphasis in mixborder.

These plants are good for planting on small private plots. The archaic names of varieties, such as polyanta, hybrids of polyanthus, floribunda, floribunda-grandiflora, belong to the group of climbing roses.

Their common property is large flower size. A clear distinction is hardly possible here, so the general description of a group of plants will serve as a starting point. It is important to know that these roses, as a rule, are planted not individually, but in groups.

On the background of a magnificent bush or a luxurious composition of rose bushes, a single flower is not impressive. In this case, priority is given to lush, prolonged flowering of plants in the summer. A beautiful and lush flower bed or a composition of many flowers is much more valuable than a single magnificent flower that blossomed once and for all.

The choice is huge, with photos and descriptions of varieties of climbing roses you can find below: it is a rich color palette, and flowers of various sizes, shapes and pomp.

The height of the bushes in this group varies in the range from 40 to 100, see. In comparison with the hybrid tea rose foliage plants this group is thicker, and they cover the soil much more densely. At the same time clearly delineated boundaries between the best varieties of climbing and hybrid tea roses no, as well as between outdated ways of grouping climbing roses.

The best varieties of climbing roses with the ADR quality mark

Here is a list of varieties of climbing roses with photos, names and color indication. All these cultures have an ADR quality label.

Sort "Apricola» - color yellow-orange, apricot.

Sort "Aspirin-rose» - color white / light pink.

Sort "Bad bimbach» - carmine pink color.

Sort "Bad worishofen» - carmine pink color.

Sort "Bayemland» - color is light pink.

Sort "Bliihwunder» - color is light pink, salmon-pink.

Sort "Brautzauber» - White colour.

Sort "Cantario» - the color is scarlet.

Sort "Canzonetta» - the color is scarlet.

Sort "Celina» - yellow color.

Sort "Growing up» - pink colour.

Sort "Crimson meidiland» - the color is scarlet.

Sort "Diamond» - White colour.

Sort "Diamond border» - White colour.

Sort "Famous» - the color is scarlet.

Sort "Fortuna» - dark pink.

Sort "Gebriider Grimm» - color is orange-red inside, peach outside.

Sort "Gelber engel» - color bright yellow / with visually distinguishable stamens.

Sort "IGA 83 Miinchen» - carmine pink color.

Sort "Innocencia» - white color.

Sort "Isarperle» - color from cream to pinkish.

Sort "Kaiser von Lautem» - color from copper-yellow to cream.

Sort "Cronjuwel» - color is dark red.

Sort "Lavender dream» - the description of this climbing rose reflects the name: it has a lavender color.

Sort "Leona» - color is bright pink.

Sort "Lions-rose» - color creamy white.

Sort "Loredo» - yellow color.

Sort "Maxi vita» - color is dark pink, with yellow-orange receptacle.

Sort "Mazurka» - color is light pink.

Sort "Melissa» - color is light pink.

Sort "Neon» - carmine pink color.

Sort "Petticoat» - white, apricot in the center.

Sort "Phlox meidiland» - The color is purple-pink, with a white receptacle.

Sort "Play rose» - carmine pink color.

Sort "Purple meidiland» - color red / pink-red.

Sort "Red Leonardo da Vinci» - color currant red.

Sort "Resonance» - color bright orange-red.

Sort "Ricarda» - color pinkish red.

Sort "Rosenprofessor Sieber» - pink colour.

Sort "Rotilia» - the color is bright red.

Sort "Rouge meilove» - bright maroon red color.

Sort "Schone dortmunderin» - pink colour.

Sort "Simply» - color is light pink.

Sort "Vicky» - color is salmon.

Sort "Vinesse» - the color is salmon, light salmon.

See photos of the best varieties of climbing roses:

The following describes how to properly trim climbing roses.

How to trim climbing roses

Unlike hybrid tea, climbing foliage is characterized by thick foliage and a large number of flowering shoots. The effect of climbing roses in the garden is a green flowering carpet covering the soil. At the same time, the spectrum of plant growth properties is quite wide. Climbing roses shoots can be massive, as in the tea-hybrid group, or thin, branched. The first may be relatively few, but the latter - a lot.

According to the rules, trimming of climbing roses is made annually and rather briefly, but not in the same way as hybrid tea. Cut the shoots to 4-6 buds. On weak shoots, leave on the 3-4 buds, but no more.

In order for shoots to produce thick, fresh shoots, their length after pruning should be approximately from 15 to 25 centimeters.

You can grow and higher roses, but only if the winter frost will spare the long shoots. To shrub up, trim shoots to 6-8 buds. For proper trimming of climbing roses with massive, long shoots, you need to shorten them by about a third of the winter length.

As a result, fresh shoots will grow from the most developed, strong buds. But these intentions can be realized only in a flower garden, whose area is large enough, because climbing roses after such pruning grow just like some varieties. spray roses. Reaching a certain height, some varieties of climbing roses look less toned, and the tops of their shoots become arched and dangling.

If you are not afraid of something new, then this opens up inexhaustible opportunities for you to experiment in the field of creative design of the garden, and, accordingly, a lot of surprises await you. Many climbing roses eventually lose their thickness, in particular, at the bottom of the bush. Because of this, the bushes sometimes have to be radically shortened to a standard height. Thus, you can provoke a plant to form fresh strong shoots, as well as help it to improve its health.

This video shows the correct trimming of climbing roses:

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