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The amazing hamedorea palm tree is a small tree. It grows in the humid tropics of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Belongs to the family of areca (palm). It grows quite slowly. An adult plant grows in length up to 90-120 centimeters. It is a small palm plant or shrub. The trunk of the plant is thin, straight, one or two meters in height and up to three centimeters in diameter. The leaves of the palm tree Hamedorea are pinnate at home, mostly green, broad, pointed.
The flowers are small, they are not attractive for our eyes, they should be removed even at the stage of buds.

To organize the right care at home is quite simple - all the highlights are covered in this article. Reproduction and transplantation of Hamedorea palm should be carried out at certain times of the year. To do this, you must read the basic rules.

Next on the page you can see photos of hamedorea palm trees in various angles:
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Care for Hamedorea at home and her transplant

Palm hamedorea prefers half-shade or shaded place. In no way allow a direct sun to fall on the plant. In order not to violate the symmetry of the plant, once every two weeks it is recommended to turn it around its axis by 180 degrees. For the rest, caring for Hamedorea palm tree at home is not difficult and even an experienced florist will cope with it.

In summertime, the sun may fall on a flower, but it should be a period before 10-00 or after 17-00. And between 10-00 and 17-00, it is recommended to place the flower in a shaded place. The ambient air temperature for the palm tree must be in accordance with the 18-27 heat degree. In winter, the temperature of the soil in which the palm tree is located should not fall below 16 degrees of heat.

Since the plant is found in natural conditions in the humid tropics, then, accordingly, high humidity is acceptable to it. In spring and summer it is advisable to spray indoor palm with rain or water settled. And in the winter to spray it does not advise it, otherwise there will be a threat of infection of a flower with a fungal disease. Most often, it is recommended to simply place a container with water next to a houseplant or use a special humidifier.

In spring and summer, the frequency of watering should be such that the soil under the flower does not dry out. However, the water should not stand in a pot, otherwise the roots will begin to rot, and the plant will die. From October to March, there should be a slight drying out of the soil between flower irrigations.

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The composition of the soil in which the flower will be placed should consist of sod, humus, peat and perlite in the proportion 2: 2: 2: 2. Still the soil should be pre-sterilized. As for the fertilizer, the Hamedorea palm tree when caring at home requires a higher amount of top dressing than other domestic plants. It is advisable to use once a month fertilizer granules. The fertilization period of the plant is April-August.

Hamedorea palm transplant requires careful attention to the root system and the choice of a suitable container for subsequent growth. It is advised to transplant the plant in April, when the roots have completely filled the pot. And it is necessary to save the earth com.

Young plants need to be transplanted annually, and adults - once in three years. When you are thinking transplant a flowerPart of the roots that form the felt layer must be cut with a sharp knife so that the plant fits in the new pot. Keep in mind that after transplanting the soil level should be the same as the soil level that was before transplanting.

In this case, you should correctly choose the size of the container - it is not necessary to plant a small flower in a large pot.

If you notice that your Hamedorea is drying, then you should know that the reason for this is the lack of humidity, or high temperature of the surrounding air. Another reason may be that you placed a palm tree on the sunny side and the sun has a negative effect on it. It is recommended to simply get rid of these deficiencies or surpluses and the plant will breathe new life again.

However, if only the lower leaves dry on your palm, and then new ones grow, then this is normal, no need to do anything.
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Topical breeding issues

The palm is propagated by seeds, root suckers or by dividing the bush. Consider the most pressing issues of reproduction of Hamedorea palm at home.

When growing seeds need a greenhouse with a certain temperature regime. The first sprouts can be seen after 30-40 days, but this can happen six months later. Color allows the plant only in the third or fourth year of its life, when it reaches approximately 30 centimeters in height.

When breeding with root suckers, it is recommended to wait for the moment when sufficiently developed roots appear in the plant and only then it will be possible to separate them from the main flower.

By dividing the bush there is an opportunity to propagate the palm tree only of a large size. In this case, you can carefully divide this bush into several parts.
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Hamedorea Graceful (Hamedorea Elegance)

Hamedorea graceful grows in dense wet forests of the south and east of Mexico, as well as in the region of Guatemala. This is the most suitable for home breeding species that is not picky about environmental conditions. Leaves are pinnate. The flowers are tiny, have the shape of a ball, have a yellow tint. It bears fruit. Round fruits, when ripe, turn black. Each fruit inside contains one seed.

To illuminate the palm of this type is not demanding. It can grow well with the sun, and in a shaded place. The important thing is that it is necessary to ensure that the sun does not fall on the flower during the daytime, which can cause burns on the leaves, and subsequently they will turn brown in places of the burn.
Look at the photo of hamedorea elegans - this plant deserves the attention of gardeners:
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The plant is not so bad without the sun. It should only provide him the lighting of fluorescent lamps for 10-12 hours.

The temperature of the content for it is acceptable in the range from 20 to 27 degrees of heat. In winter, it is advised to cool temperatures from 12 to 16 degrees. However, it is not necessary to allow sudden increases in air temperature.

Water the palm should be regularly. And the warmer in the room or on the street where the palm tree is located, the faster it absorbs water. For watering is recommended settled water, it can be a little warmer.

Crown plants should be sprayed at least twice a day. And if you have a shower, then use it when spraying a palm tree.

It is strictly forbidden to place the Hamedorea palm next to the radiators when they are turned on.

Although Hamedorea Elegance is slowly growing and does not require all the time to replant it. Every year, her young plants should be transplanted into larger pots than before. With older plants it is possible to make a picking only when it is necessary, namely, when the roots do not have enough space in the old pot. As a rule, this moment comes after three or four years.
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