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Likuala big

For the formation of the interior of an apartment or a country house, plants with a large deciduous mass are widely used. They are distinguished by unpretentiousness to growing conditions and do not require special agrotechnical skills. Consider one of the most decorative types of such plants.

Likuala refers to fan rare palm-dwarfs. Family - palm. The most popular type is a great rejoicing. In addition to it, there are other types: rusty, rejected, Lauterbach, Müller, thyroid.

In nature, the length reaches up to three meters. This is for a similar type of plant, which, for the most part, is quite tall, unusual. Young leaves look like small shovels. The grown leaves have the shape of almost a circle. The width of such leaves is up to the 1 meter. The color of the leaves is dark green, associated with fins of fish. Barrel is missing. The flowers are snow white. It grows in India and the islands of northern Australia. It is found as a wild species in New Guinea. In Thailand, imagine a persona makes hats from a palm tree.

Look at the great rejoicing palm tree on the photo that is shown on this page: palm tree rejoiced in the photo

great photo

rejoiced big on photo

Growing palm liches big seed

The large lekuala is a thin palm tree up to 3 meters in length with huge bright green smooth leaves. They seem to be separated, but in fact just jagged at the edges. Leaves reach up to 1 meters wide. Requires drainage. Growing a palm reed large from home seeds requires some patience. This is due to the fact that the seeds germinate slowly enough. From the moment of sowing to the appearance of the first shoots can pass from 3 to 7 months. In order to speed up the process of growing palm, the rears of the large seed are stratified and soaked in warm water for 6 - 12 hours.pictured was elated from seeds

In winter, the ambient air temperature in the room where the palm tree is rejoiced, must correspond to 16 degrees of heat. Does not like drafts, as its leaves immediately begin to dry. The temperature for growing in the summer and spring is recommended in the area of ​​25 degrees of heat. To feel good for a palm tree throughout the year, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient level of air humidity. To do this, you can install a humidifier, a decorative fountain, or spraying water with a temperature not lower than 45 degrees Celsius.likuala1

The light should be bright, but not too much. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves, so it’s better to place a pot with a palm tree near the window on the west or east side. likuala7

Watering in spring and summer is recommended copiously. But when the ambient temperature drops below 16 degrees Celsius, the amount of watering should be reduced. In winter, the palm is watered moderately. Also, it is recommended to spray her leaves from time to time with warm water, which should initially be defended. In winter, you can not spray. The following shows the fruiting palm rejoiced big in the photo:likuala5

The soil for growing palm edibles is a large seed to be neutral or slightly acidic. The compost should consist of sod, leaf soil, peat and sand 2: 2: 1: 1.

Fertilize the plant necessarily, preferably in spring and summer. Some advise feeding throughout the year, twice a month in summer and 1 once a month in winter. Organic fertilizer is better for fertilizer, since salinization of the soil will lead to the death of palm trees.

It undergoes transplantation, so it is advisable to do this once a couple of years, that is, as rarely as possible. Do this then, for example, when the roots have already grown. But be careful not to damage them. It is better to do this at all in the spring. Look at the palm tree rejoicing big in the interior: photos of various kinds: likuala3


This type of palm is propagated by seeds, and nothing more. They should be planted to a depth of about one centimeter. At the same time, the earth should be moist and heated. Then it should be covered with glass and plastic bag. Seeds, unfortunately, germinate very, very slowly and not at the same time, moreover, they do not always produce strong shoots.types of liches on a photo

Flowering can be seen exclusively in greenhouses. Palma bears fruit. Fruits hang elongated clusters and attract our eyes because of the bright red hue. At home and on the street in an open place, a palm tree can live up to 10 years.

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