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How to save cut orchids: bouquet care

Cut orchid flowerEspecially designed in a beautiful bouquet, as beautiful as the plant in the pot. True, enjoy such beauty will turn out less than when grown in a substrate. But if you properly transport the cut plants and know how to care for a bouquet of orchids, then it will be possible to keep some species in the cut up to a month.

A bouquet of cut orchids can stay fresh for quite a long time.

Peduncle Cattleya (Cattleya) is cut around 5 — 7 days

Pafiopedilum (Paphiopedilum) - 20 — 30 days

Phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis) - 20 — 30 days

Cymbidium (Cymbidium) - 20 — 40 days.

On a living plant, flowering lasts much longer, for example, the flowering hybrid:

  • Paphiopedilumum (Paphiopedilum) lasts about 3 months
  • Cumbria - up to 9 mon.,
  • Phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis) can maintain decorative for several years in a row.

This material describes what you need to do to keep cut orchids as long as possible.

Rules for the transport of cut orchids

Cut orchids delivered to us not only from Europe and Indochina, but also from Australia, Latin America, Indonesia. When delivering, cut orchid peduncles require special treatment.

The basic rules for the transport of cut orchids are as follows:

  • It is better to carry long-cut cutting over a wet way, that is, with stems immersed in containers with water;
  • Cutting orchids can only be cooled to a temperature of 8 — 10 C, an ordinary household refrigerator, in which the temperature is maintained at 4 — 5 ° C is not suitable for this;
  • Before long storage in the refrigerator at 8 — 10 ° C, the inflorescences must be held there for 1 hours in the same place, but without packaging. This technique will prevent the condensation of moisture harmful to flowers after packaging and will allow to keep orchids as long as possible;
  • Orchid flowers are able to remain in turgor longer than the flowers of most other cut crops, provided that ethylene gas is low in concentration.

How to care for a bouquet of cut orchids

In order to “revive” the flowers after a long journey, they should be immediately put into the distilled boiled water. If a bouquet has just been brought from the cold, it should be kept in a warm room for at least an hour, without releasing it from the package. Do not rush to release the flowers from the wrapper, because an abrupt change in temperature is more critical for the state of the flowers than being without water.

Use a few more tips to help keep the orchid flowers in the bouquet fresh as long as possible for longer.

Many cut orchid buds never open. It refers to:


Dendrobium (Dendrobiuni)

Pafiopedilumam (Paphiopedilum)

The exceptions are some varieties:

Cymbidiums (Soo rubidium)

Phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis)

Hybrid calante (Calanthe)in which the flowers gradually open in a vase.

  • Before installing into a vase at the lower end of the peduncle, they make an oblique cut with a sharp knife, cutting off the tip with a length of 1 — 2, see. This procedure updates the dried-up cut and opens the peduncle conducting system to absorb water.
  • Orchids are put in a vase of boiled or distilled water at room temperature.
  • To extend the life of peduncles and orchid flowers, you can pour a little alcohol or vodka into the water. You can not use alumokvasstsy and preparations intended for other flowers (roses, carnations, etc.). The labels of such preservatives even have special inscriptions: “Attention, not intended for orchids.”
  • In order to care for cut orchids correctly, as florists advise, it is advisable to change the water without adding preservative (alcohol) completely with 1 once a day, cutting off the lower tip of the inflorescence, where pathogens - fungi and bacteria reproduce.
  • The decorative period of cut orchid flowers is reduced by ethylene gas released by fruits and fading flowers. Temporarily neutralize the effect of ethylene by using the drug "ethylblock".
  • You can recognize a fading flower on the inflorescence by changing its color, the angle of the sepals and petals, and by the deformation of the lip. Fading flowers are best removed immediately from the inflorescences.
  • RџSЂRё orchid care in a bouquet on a cut-off inflorescence, pollinated or deprived pollinia flowers fade before others.
  • A bouquet of orchids is better not to put on the windowsill to protect the flowers from direct sunlight, heat from the batteries and possible drafts.

Orchids are not suitable for making classic massive bouquets and traditional arrangements, as they have curved or drooping flower stalks with irregularly shaped flowers. But they make excellent unilateral boutonnieres and ikebana. You can even make a composition from a single flower or from several small flowers with short peduncles.

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