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The penstemon flower is originally from North America and East Asia. This is a perennial plant.

Differs in reddish foliage with an orange shade and a large number of white or pinkish flowers. Its stems are strong, with a small number of branches from the very base. But the leaves are large, smooth, tapering to the top, located opposite.

Starts to let the color in early June. This is a magnificent plant for any garden that delights guests. One of the most frost-resistant plants.

They are planted, as a rule, in a small handful of flower beds or paths to flower beds. It grows well in outdoor vases, containers and pots. Look at the photo of the penstemon in the stage of budding and flowering in different groups:

penst (2)

Cultivation: planting and caring for penstemon

Penstemon can be grown from seed. To do this, it should be sown on seedlings around the end of winter - early spring, not buried in the ground, because in order to ascend the seeds need daylight. Growing penstemon does not cause much difficulty - the culture will give the industrious gardener a magnificent flowering for any garden.

There are, of course, such types of penstemon that can be sown in the winter, for example, Penstemon is hard-haired. If snowing is done in advance of the seeds, it will be conducive to the fact that they grow better.

Penstemon planting is carried out with seeds, the seedling method of cultivation is preferred, in which active flowering can be obtained for the first time. Let the soil be better moist for sowing, otherwise the seeds will not be able to break through. From above, sowing is covered with sand with a layer of approximately 3 mm It is recommended to sand the sand in advance with boiling water and cover it with film or glass.

At a temperature of 18 - 24 degrees of heat, the seeds will give the first sprouts approximately in half a month. After that, it is advised to lower the ambient air temperature by germinating the Penstemon to 15 degrees of heat and continue to keep the seedlings already in small pots containing peat and humus. This will ensure early flowering, which usually begins in mid-summer and lasts until autumn.

They also suggest planting plant sprouts from one pot to another, but only when they have at least two full leaflets.

In the open ground, seedlings are recommended to be planted only at the end of May. The distance is recommended to maintain between the bushes 30 - 35, see. Remember that if you plant a plant ahead of time to the place where it will already grow, it will start to bloom later.

Growing penstemon is desirable to carry out in calm conditions, otherwise he may lose all his inflorescences.

Caring for Penstemon, it is imperative to pay attention to drainage in order to prevent water from standing at the roots, and the plant will not be soaked in winter.

Watering is recommended often, especially in hot weather. Do not let the roots dry out.

It is advised to loosen the ground near the bushes. In winter, it is advised to cover the plant with a layer of foliage 15cm thick. The plant can also be propagated by rhizomes. It is necessary to dig up the rhizomes of the 3 -5 plant aged. And just transplant them.

The photo below shows the penstemon grown using rhizome division:

penst (8)

penst (6)

It prefer full sun, but it will tolerate partial shade. For plants need well-drained soil. Flourishes in loose, gravel soil.

Fertilizer, these plants do not require. This will only lead to additional foliage, not color. But if you want, then twice a month will be enough.

Choose a place where the plants will have enough space. Penstemon does not tolerate constraint.

It is better to plant in spring, the distance between plants from 1 to 3 meters from each other. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the pot. Carefully remove the plant and place it in the hole so that the top of the root is level with the soil surface. Do not forget to water.

Apply a thin layer of compost each spring, and then 4 see - a layer of mulch to retain moisture and fight weeds. Water the plant during the summer if the summer is dry.

Penstemon is recommended to trim. Usually, in late April or early May.

penst (10)

penst (9)

The main types of Penstemon for growing on the site

For cultivation in the area next to the country house, you can choose the most suitable plants with unique botanical properties. The main types of Penstemon for cultivation, which do not require special skills and knowledge from the grower, are presented below. You can see the main types of penstemon in the photo, illustrating the richness of shades of petals of this flower:

Portstemon Hartweg

Height - 50-70 cm. Resembles a snapdragon. The flowers are large, gathered in tassels. Flowers have various shades: pink, crimson, red, violet, and the tubes inside the flower can be either pure white or variegated.

This type of plant blooms from mid-summer to the start of frost.

penst (20)

penst (18)

penst (15)

Bearded penstemon

Flowers pink or carmine color. Begins to bloom in May to June. The fruit is a multi-seeded box. The stem is straight. Reaches 90, see height. In the nodes of the stems the leaves are collected in pairs. Flowers are small in the form of a narrow tube.

penst (7)

penst (3)

penst (1)

Penstemon Cobo

There are no leaves at the roots. The leaves at the stem are thick, smooth with denticles. Stems straight. The flowers are large lilac, white or pink shades.

Flowering in May and June.

penst (12)

penst (13)

Penstemon digitalis

Grows in the east states of North America. In height reaches 60-120, see. Basal leaves evergreen. The flowers are in the form of tubules, from the outside - pink, and from the inside - white. It blooms in June. Stems bend, hang, and buds look up.

penst (5)


penst (19)

Penstemon sensation

Height - 45-70 cm. Flowers up to 5 cm. Color two-tone color - white and pink, white and purple, white and red, white and purple.

penst (16)

penst (11)

penst (19)

Penstemon Hybrid

Flowering time - from May to October. It grows in America and Mexico. The flowers are cast in various shades - from white to bright red. The corolla is purple, in the area of ​​the groove it is white. The leaves are long, egg-shaped, smooth, bright green color.

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