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Mina flower is an ideal plant for those who love exotic cultures and use vertical gardening in the design of their garden. If you ensure that this plant has a well-drained soil and a bright area, do not be lazy with watering and produce regular dressings, this blooming liana will be a worthy decoration of your garden.

And you can grow a mine and as a pot culture.

This exotic vine is originally from Mexico and is unlike any other climbing plant. Mina belongs to the genus Ipomoea, uniting about 300 species. Sometimes it is called the ipomoea bladed or kamokolit. Mina is a herbaceous perennial plant, but grown in the middle lane as an annual.

What does a mine plant look like

Mina grows to a height of 3-x and more meters. Its leaves are dark green, three-lobed, densely located on numerous numerous stems that beautifully twist around a support. Blossoming mine is very interesting, the flowers are collected in one-sided brush.

As you can see in the photo, the flower of a mine, like a banana, changes color from bright red to orange, yellow and then white:

Some such color will seem flashy, but in the showiness this plant is superior to other annual lianas.

Mina is an interesting, flowering plant that greatly adorns the garden, gazebo, fence or balcony. She is beautiful all season, even before flowering. The plant forms a thick curtain of beautiful leaves. It is planted on the sunniest and ceremonial places.

At the peak of flowering with hedges, pergolas or arches hang bright carpets of beautiful original colors. On one inflorescence white, bright orange and red flowers bloom simultaneously. A real firework of colors.

There are so many flowers that together they create the impression of a bright bonfire that blazes from afar even on cloudy days. Indeed, in one inflorescence is formed up to 12 flowers in diameter 2 each.

Mines in hedges can be combined with other perennial or annual lianas. For example, a beautiful duet is obtained in collaboration with mines of white ipomoea.

For open and closed ground, gardeners mostly grow a variety of paddle mines. "Exotic love".

Another species is also known - the mine is pinnate. It looks different: it has feathery leaves and star-shaped red flowers that do not change color.

See what the mine plant looks like in these photos:

How to grow a mine in the garden

During the cultivation of mines in the garden, keep in mind that this plant is thermophilic, so plant it in well-lit places. The soil is suitable well-drained garden with the addition of sand. Water often and plentifully. Feed every other week until August.

Propagated mine seeds, better through seedlings. In February, seeds pre-soaked in a growth stimulator are sown in pots. They germinate within 2-2,5 weeks at + 18 ... + 20 ° С.

Then, upon the onset of warm, steady weather, seedlings are planted into the ground at a distance of about 50, see. Flowering occurs in June approximately 13-15 weeks after sowing and continues until frost.

When growing mines from seeds sown in the ground, the plants will bloom only at the end of summer. Therefore, the obviousness of its cultivation through seedlings. It is better to use peat pots or peat tablets, since it suffers from transplantation because of the taproot.

With the onset of stable rainy, cold days, the mine dies, and with warm autumn blooms until frost.

Fully ripened seeds are quite difficult to obtain, since due to late flowering their ripening time is too small.

If there is a threat of frost, you can completely cut off the plants, put them in a dry place (in the attic or in a country house) and leave for ripening, then collect the ripe seeds that you can sow next year.

It is also possible to grow mines from seeds in a pot culture, and the agrotechnology of cultivation does not amount to any difficulties. A prerequisite is to provide her with a spacious warm, bright room and a support that she will braid around. And beautiful original flowers will decorate your house, balcony or loggia.

Know In the pot culture, mine is a perennial.

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