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Flower Jericho Rose at home (with photo)

One of the most interesting plants grown in our homes is the Jericho rose. This plant has an unusual, rare property - when there is not enough water, it shrinks and twists to the center, gradually drying out. After the plant has been watered, it starts blooming again, and its shoots turn green. Due to this property, the plant is often called the "Hand of Mary." The flower of Jericho rose belongs to the unusual inhabitants of the flower garden at home, it allows you to decorate rooms with different conditions of humidity and ambient temperature. On how to care for the Jericho rose at home, you can find on this page. In the meantime, we offer to see amazing photos of the flower:

ierihonskaya-roza (10) ierihonskaya-roza (11) ierihonskaya-roza (12) ierihonskaya-roza (14)

Its bushes grow on the territory of North America and Asia, the desert areas of which are ideal conditions for the development of this plant. In these areas, precipitation is unlikely and periods of drought last for long months. In the process of growth, the Jericho rose adapts to such conditions, and as a curiosity of nature, it has spread almost all over the world. It is advisable to use the Jericho rose in the aquarium with the purpose of decorating an artificial reservoir.ierihonskaya-roza (4) ierihonskaya-roza (7)

How to care at home: tips and tricks

How to care for the Jericho rose at home, you can learn from the literature. The following are expert tips and general recommendations that will help beginner growers to cultivate this crop at home. In garden stores you can purchase dry plant samples. Such specimens, as a rule, have the form of a small gray-brown color rolled inward. This form protects the plant from excessive evaporation, so that it can survive long periods without water. To bush came to life, you must put it in a plate and pour boiled water. The water after boiling must be cooled to room temperature. Watering with warm water accelerates the development of the plant. Do not forget that only plant roots should be wetted in water. Then in real time you can observe the gradual development of the plant. Shoots become light green and gradually darken.ierihonskaya-roza (1) ierihonskaya-roza (2) ierihonskaya-roza (8) ierihonskaya-roza (9)

After two months, the sample is already fully developed, and its outlet reaches 25 centimeters in diameter. A week later, stop watering. The plant will gradually wither and curl up. After weeks 2-3, it will take the form of a dry sample. The process of recovery and drying, we can carry out repeatedly, each time watching the miraculous resurrection of the flower.ierihonskaya-roza (3)

The Jericho Rose may remain without water for long months. Interesting is the fact that a miraculous revival occurs only in dead plants. The bush is dead and there is no point in planting it on a garden bed or in a pot.

Varieties of Jericho roses and surrounding legends

The most famous and common varieties of Jericho roses: Anastastika Jericho and the Asteriskus dwarf. Both types with a rose known for gardeners and florists are united only by name. They come from completely different species and genera. Look further at the photo for examples of such varieties:asteriskus-karlikovyj (1) asteriskus-karlikovyj (2)
ierihonskaya-roza (6) ierihonskaya-roza (16) ierihonskaya-roza (17)

Interesting legends surrounding her and folk legends. Around the plant formed many stories about its wonderful properties. Most of them, unfortunately, are rumors and lies. The plant does not cure any diseases and is not a miracle cure. Water from the plant also has no medicinal properties. The stories about the rejuvenating properties of water are one great fairy tale. The only feature is the fact that the plant cleans the air from pollution and cigarette smoke. This feature is found in many flowers in the pot.ierihonskaya-roza (5) ierihonskaya-roza (13) ierihonskaya-roza (15)

Rose of Jericho is a very interesting plant. Special pleasure gives children who can observe its development. This plant is an excellent and original gift that recipients can use for several months or even years.

Lastly - enjoy the accelerated video of the process of blooming of this amazing plant.

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