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Among the annuals in the arsenal of the modern grower there are such types of crops that allow you to get amazing results with minimal cost. One-year-old dahlias have recently been undeservedly “pushed” into the background due to the widespread tuber culture. However, do not miss the great opportunity to get annual dahlias from seeds, because in this case a riot of various forms and colors of buds will be guaranteed. Growing seedlings from seeds is a long flowering period, from mid-June to late fall until snow cover is established. Dahlias are presented in a wide variety on the shelves of sachets in seeds. The article talks about how and when to plant annual dahlias for seedlings in 2016 - the advice of experienced flower growers will allow you to get the desired result while observing the rules of agricultural engineering. In the meantime, we offer a look at the photos of the dahlia variety and their names:

Variety "Funny guys"

Variety "Funny guys"

Variety "Vasilisa"

Variety "Vasilisa"

Variety "Bambino"

Variety "Bambino"

variety "Bright pompons"

Variety "Bright Pompons"

When and how to sow annual dahlias for seedlings in 2016 year?

This is the most important information for novice florists. The more accurate the timing, the higher the likelihood of early flowering. When sowing one-year-old dahlias for seedlings in the 2016 year - you can calculate on your own, based on the manufacturer's data on the package. For example, such a variety as “Merry guys”, according to the company, is ready to dissolve the buds after 3 months from the moment of planting. Variety "Vasilisa" suggests even earlier flowering - after 2,5 months from the emergence of shoots. By the way, shoots appear very quickly - during the 1 week after sowing. By simple calculations it turns out that sowing dahlia seeds for seedlings in 2016 should be in the first half of March. And so by the middle of June the plants will already bloom.

Before planting annual dahlias for seedlings, you should properly prepare the soil and planting capacity. Also it is necessary to decide on the varieties. They are described a little further on the page, which will provide the most complete information about the culture.yarkie-pompony (2)

Before planting, seed treatment is not required. The soil should be light and well structured, consisting of a 1 part of humus, 1 parts of sand and 2 parts of sod land. The soil is ignited in the 3 oven for an hour, then it is poured with a hot solution of potassium permanganate and trichopol diluted in water (can be bought in a pharmacy in tablets). Planting tanks should be shallow, the height of the sides should not exceed 7 cm. They are half filled with soil, which is compacted and watered. Seeds spread out on the surface at a distance 1 cm from each other. Dahlia seeds are quite large and it is easy to carry out such manipulations with them. Then from above wakes up with a layer of soil up to 1,54, see. Easy gravy and send it under the film cover to the window sill. Depending on the ambient temperature, seedlings appear after 5-8 days.

The dive of an annual dahlia seedling begins in the 2 phase of true leaves. To do this, you must prepare peat pots up to 12 cm in height and up to 300 ml in volume. In the center of each plant is planted 1 seedling, dropping to cotyledon leaves. After picking, the seedling box should be placed with a cool dark place for 24 hours. Then you can return to the window sill. Watering after picking is daily, but it should not be allowed to over-wet the soil. The first feeding is carried out through 2 weeks, the next - 1 once a week.

Landing in the ground is possible in the second half of May. Early transplanting requires film cover from frost.

Varieties of annual dahlias: names and photos, scope of use

The correct choice of seeds - this is exactly the event with which the future beauty begins on the garden. Varieties of annual dahlias are divided according to the shape of the buds and petals, and the scope of their use is different. Let's try to understand all this intricacies. Choose suitable varieties of annual dahlias: names and photos will help you make the right choice.

The variety of dahlias “Vasilisa” is a real find for those gardeners who, even in a city apartment, do not want to part with wonderful buds and bright colors. This variety is suitable for decorating balconies and loggias. Possesses a low and strong stalk. The height of an adult bush rarely reaches 50, see. More often it is compact, richly flowering bushes in height 40 - 45. They are sold in a mixture of colors, which is quite fascinating. Look at the photo of this amazing variety of one-year-old dahlia:

vasilisa (2)

The variety of dahlias "Merry guys" is a real hit among gardeners. Plants have a low growth, which allows their use in the design of flower beds, borders, garden paths, balconies. They have a variety of colors. The simple form of a bud possesses elegant refinement.

veselye-rebyata (2)

"Dandy" is semi-double buds with different color petals - from yellow to rich burgundy. The undersized variety of dahlias is designed for balconies. The scope of use is not limited to this and can be extended to rabatki, flower beds and mixborders.

dendi (1)

"Bright pompons" allow you to get amazing round balls with a diameter up to 10, see. The main colors are blue, blue, white, yellow and red. Grow up to a height of 1 meters, the stem is densely covered with dense dark green foliage. Flowering time is reached in mid-July. Suitable for growing along fences and facades of buildings.

yarkie-pompony (1) "Unwins Dwarf" refers to varieties of dahlia of medium height with semi-double buds of rather large diameter. Flowers in full bloom reach 10 cm in diameter. Coloring is different. This variety goes well with asters and Coreopsis. The sunflower will be the perfect “frame” for him. Carmine shades will be a great decoration for bouquet compositions. Long flowering until the first frost allows you to create garden decor throughout the season.


“Bambino” is the name of a variety of one-year-old dahlia, the photo of which is amazing. With the right choice of landing site for them, you can create a magnificent picture of a long flowering. The height of the bushes is only 20 cm. But this fact does not prevent the blooming of large, terry-shaped flower buds, up to 10 cm in diameter.

bambino (2)

Care for annual dahlias when grown in open field

There are small features of the organization of care for this culture. Annual dahlias are resistant to adverse environmental conditions. They can successfully grow and develop in the scorching sun, and in the penumbra of their higher neighbors. Watering is required only in dry time, if the soil has dried to a depth of more than 5, see. Caring for annual dahlias is the constant loosening of the soil and the timely introduction of mineral complex fertilizers. This measure contributes to a brighter and longer bloom. When growing annual dahlias in the open field, it is important to properly prepare the landing site.
Requires the introduction of a sufficiently large amount of organic matter. No fresh manure is allowed. Humus required at the rate of 1 bucket on 1 square meter for digging. Also in the spring are made of complex mineral fertilizers in granular form. Digging is carried out to a depth of 25 cm.

Before planting, the seedlings of one-year-old dahlia are quenched for 2 weeks. To this end, it is carried out every day to the open air for 15 minutes, gradually adding 15 minutes every day. At the time of transplanting seedlings prepare wells. Peat and paper cups do not need to be removed, you can plant with them. But the plastic container should be removed. To begin with, they carry out abundant watering, then, carefully pressing on the walls of the glass with their hands, carefully remove it. Try not to damage the root system. Dust tightly with soil. In the first 3 of the day, shading or covering is required.

In regions with an early onset of spring, it is possible to plant a one-year-old dahlia directly into the ground, bypassing the seedling stage. It makes sense to do in those regions where it is possible to start planting in the second half of March. Later sowing delays flowering time.

Loosening the soil is best combined with watering. Shallow loosening - see 5-8 deep inside. After loosening - irrigation and mulching of the soil with rotted sawdust.dendi (2)

Possible problems and measures to combat them

Like any other flower culture, annual dahlias can be affected by diseases and pests. First of all, it is worth noting that they are rather hard to survive any transplant. Therefore, to move them around the site during the season is not recommended.

Possible problems and difficulties include the attack of pests. There are measures to combat them through chemical means. It is often affected by aphids, especially in wet, warm weather in rainy summer. The first signs include sharply yellowed leaves, which curl into a tube because of the complete suction of the juice from them. Aphid visible to the naked eye. All affected and contaminated parts of plants cut pruning shears and burn. Treat the remaining bushes with the Aktellik insecticide. In the absence of a result, it is possible to re-process Iskra, Thunder, Fitoverm, Karbofos.

Slugs and bugs strike the plant less frequently. They can only be fought with karbofos or Iskra. The main signs are holes that appear on the leaves.

Of the diseases should be mentioned about botrytis or gray rot, which is visible in the form of gray spots on the leaves. Then, the affected surfaces turn brown and dry out. Buds fall in bulk. When infected with fursiosis, rotting begins at the junction of the root system and the stem. The plant just falls. Save it will not succeed. The only control measure is to ensure good soil ventilation due to loosening and mulching.

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