Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

Luxurious inflorescences of these mysterious flowers delight the eye in August and September. By the way, the timing of flowering can be shifted and stretched. But how to do it - we will tell in the article. Also we will open a lot of useful secrets of experienced flower growers. Preparation of gladioli for planting, carried out in a timely manner and in full - is the key to massive and abundant flowering. As such, the seedlings of this culture is not grown. Bulbs are sprouting, and all you need to do is to know when to get gladioli for sprouting from the refrigerator in 2018. However, in the northern regions, where the heating of the soil is delayed until the end of May, it is still worth planting gladioli for seedlings in a mixture of sawdust and straw. This culture tolerates transplantation easily, and the seedling method allows for abundant flowering before the onset of early frosts.

The article will consider the dates in 2018 year in different regions and with reference to the lunar calendar. We hope that when using the proposed information to get strong seedlings and germination of bulbs will be successful.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

When to get gladiolus bulbs from the fridge after winter storage in 2018?

This is the most important issue that worries inexperienced florist trying for the first time to grow this rather masterful flower culture. When to get gladiolus depends on many factors. The first is the conditions of their = storage. If the temperature in the basement, cellar or refrigerator does not fall below + 5 degrees Celsius, then you need to remove the planting material as late as possible.

You can calculate when to pull out gladioli for germination in approximate terms of planting in the ground. So, in the southern regions, this procedure is carried out immediately before planting in open ground. Planting material is soaked in nutrient solution for 4 hours and immersed in the ground. In more northern territories, flower growers are independently forced to decide when to take out gladioli for germination or for planting on seedlings. A rather early spring is predicted in the 2018 year, so it is advisable to do this in early April or even at the end of March.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

Experienced agronomists advise to pay attention to the length of daylight hours. By the time when you need to get gladiolus to germinate from the refrigerator, the length of daylight should be much longer than the duration of the night. The lack of light should be compensated by additional lighting. If you do not do this and miscalculate when to get gladiolus after winter storage in a timely manner, then the worst can happen. Plants (arrows from bulbs) stretch out and spend for their growth all the nutrients bulb preserved in tissues. Such a plant will not bloom and is likely to die completely during the vegetative period. Therefore, to rush to this event should not be.

See the table below for when to get gladiolus bulbs from a refrigerator in different regions of Russia in 2018:

Moscow and Moscow region End of april
Volga Federal District Mid-March (for seedlings)
Ural and Siberia Mid-March (for sprouting and growing seedlings)
Western regions (Pskov, St. Petersburg, Vologda) Early April
Arkhangelsk and other northern regions The beginning of March is a purely rassadny method of growing in sand or sawdust.

Preparation of gladiolus bulbs: when laid out on germination

Proper germination of gladioli ensures timely abundant flowering. But this can be achieved only if all the rules of agrotechnical culture of this culture are observed. Preparation of gladiolus bulbs for germination is carried out in several stages:

  • First, planting material should be selected and calibrated according to standard sizes into several fractions;
  • then the bulbs are carefully cleaned of covering husks, this should be done very carefully, because the bulbs can already have awakened arrows and can be easily broken;
  • soaking in sterilization solution (it can be soda 1% or weak manganese, or phytosporin) for at least 2 hours;
  • soaking in nutrient solution for at least 4 hours (approximate composition can be seen in the table below);
  • spraying growth stimulant solution.

Before you prepare gladioli for planting, it is important to separate them by size, since in the future the depth of planting will largely depend on the diameter of the bulb. It is usually advised to plant at a depth equal to three times the diameter of the planting material. In this way, it is possible to avoid burial and too shallow planting, leading to insufficient flowering and plant diseases.

The composition of the nutrient mixture for the activation of the growth of gladiolus bulbs before germination

Succinic acid tablets 10 pieces
Heteroauxin tablets 1 thing
Boric acid 3 grams
Sodium gummat 2 grams
Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) 3 grams
Water with temperature 40 degrees Celsius 10 liters

About when to spread gladioli for germination, you can see in the table located on this page - it presents data for different regions of our country. These approximate dates are for March-April 2018. It is much more important to learn how to properly germinate gladioli before planting in open ground.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

There are several ways. The first is yanirovanie or germination by type of potato. Prepared bulbs and children of gladioli are laid out in a bright place to bottom. It is necessary to exclude the influence of moisture on the bottom in this period to prevent the growth of the root system.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

The second way is to germinate in an environment of wet straw, sawdust or wood chips. In this case, you should take a transparent plastic bag. Approximately 2 cm of chips are applied to the bottom, sawdust and the argument is wetted so that when trying to squeeze out moisture does not stand out. Gladioli bulbs are laid on this layer. The bag should be 5-10 times vigorously exhale the air (to fill it with carbon dioxide, accelerating the growth processes in all plants without exception). Then the package is tightly tied and placed on or near the window sill. After the arrows have reached the top of the bag, it opens and regular watering and feeding of planting material begins.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

The third way is to plant seedlings in a standard ground. This is done after the arrows have grown to 5, see. It is desirable for each to use a separate container. Ideal - disposable plastic cups with a volume of 500 ml. Expanded clay or any other drainage must be put on the bottom. Then the tank is filled with soil and landing.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

When to plant gladiolus bulbs on seedlings for September 1?

Traditionally, the Day of Knowledge in the country is celebrated in a big way. Students give teachers luxurious bouquets of flowers. And the cost of bouquet compositions on the eve may reach the price tag on March 8. Therefore, many parents who have a backyard or dacha plot tend to grow the most uncomplicated flowers with their own hands. When planting gladioli on seedlings so that by 1 September 2018 is guaranteed to get a luxurious bouquet of these beautiful flowers? Let's try to figure it out.

So, the most common mistake - too early germination, which takes away the strength of the plant and does not give him full blossom in the appointed time. If you get the planting material too early, then there is a chance that the plants will fully bloom in mid-August. So when is it necessary to plant gladioli by 1 of September of 2018 of the year in order not to be mistaken with the terms? Open the secret: it depends on the variety that is used. This may be an early variety that gives flowering in 90 days from the appearance of the arrow, or a late variety that blooms after 120 - 130 days from the moment the bulb wakes up. Sami understand that the landing time they will differ on 30 - 40 days.Preparation of gladioli for planting: seedlings and germination (dates in 2018)

Therefore, in order to decide on when to plant gladiolus bulbs on seedlings, you first need to decide on the variety and its attitude to precocity. In extreme cases, I advise you to buy early-grade 5-7 bulbs in March. Put the planting material in the lower compartment of the refrigerator and store there until the beginning of April at a low temperature. Then get it, activate the growth stimulator and leave for germination. In this case, guaranteed to get blooming gladioli to 1 September 2018.

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