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Ranunculus asiaticus or garden Asian buttercup can be a decoration for both open areas of the garden or courtyards, and turn a modern terrace or balcony into a true floral oasis. How to grow ranunculus at home and in the open field, you can learn from the proposed article. Bright, picturesque bouquets in baskets and vases are made from cut buttercups of oriental origin, often in this case they are combined with several types of flowers. Unsurpassed ranunculus amazes beginners and experienced flower growers with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Planting in pots or open ground should be made according to certain requirements, and in the care of these elegant representatives of the flora are quite unpretentious.

Look at the photo of the beautiful and unpretentious flowers of the ranunculus:
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)

The variety of species - ranunculus flowers for every taste and color (with photo)

The leaves of the plant are intensely green, laced and abundantly pubescent. Strong stems end in single or flocked flowers with the widest variety of colors. The variety of flowers ranunkulyus allows to choose plants for every taste and color. Yellow, red, pink, green, snow-white and orange flowers of a ranunculus can be terry or semi-double. According to the main classification, these bright, pretentious representatives of the flora are divided into the following types, which are presented in the description with a photo:

  • French - semi-double or terry flowers with a spherical shape, bred in France at the end of the 19 century. A wide range of colors is highlighted with a dark speck in the middle.

ranunkulyus (xnumx)

  • African (Turkish) - semi-double or double flowers, which have a great similarity with peony.

ranunkulyus (xnumx)

  • Persian - flowers of this type in form can be compared with a turban or a turban. Can be semi-double and terry, characterized by early flowering.

ranunkulyus (xnumx)

  • Asian - hybrids, which include most modern types of ranunculus. Flowers are grown for cutting, as well as for decorating houses and garden plots, decorating rooms and terraces.

ranunkulyus (xnumx)
These species are not only very popular in the cultivation, but also are one of the most popular types of goods in floristics and flower shops. At the time of buying cut flowers or ready-made bouquets should pay attention to the fact that in the very middle of the middle buds remain tightly closed. In this case, they will be able to stand in water for up to two weeks.
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)

Proper landing of ranunculus and care in the open field

One of the main conditions for planting a plant in a garden plot is the complete onset of heat - the slightest frosts can be detrimental to decorative flowers. In addition, the immediate correct landing of the ranunculus and care for it in the open field imply the implementation of a number of features. Compliance with all the rules and nuances will contribute to a colorful harvest and abundant flowering.

Before planting the tubers of the plant should be held in cold water or wet sawdust for several hours. As an additional care, it can be treated with drugs to stimulate growth and prevent rotting. Tubers must be planted down with “claws” to a shallow depth. Depending on the soil, this is approximately 5-8, see. An important caveat is that the junction of the claws should be directed strictly upward during planting, otherwise the plant will not survive.
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)

The landing area should be slightly shaded and well protected from the winds - the intensity of the color and the duration of the flowering period directly depend on this factor. The most convenient soil for the quality growth of flowers is fertile, loose, with confident drainage. The slightest stagnation of moisture leads to the appearance of root rot.

Proper care of ranunculus includes the regular loosening of the soil and moderate watering. Before the flowering period, organic fertilizers are applied, and when the color appears, it is necessary to remove the withering flowers for a more luxuriant development of the remaining crown.

Since even a stable and reliable shelter does not save the nodules of flowers in the winter, they need to be dug up and stored in a cool room in dry peat, sawdust, moss. If the tubers are thoroughly dried, in flat conditions they are well stored even in the refrigerator - in the usual section for vegetables.
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)

Features landing and care for ranunculus at home

If you want to grow a bright, attractive type of decorative plantings at home, you should approach this issue as responsibly as possible. Proper planting and care for ranunculus at home can ensure its successful growth and flowering. There are certain features of this process.

When preparing tanks for planting, it is necessary to check the mandatory presence of drainage holes. Planted at home this type of flowers is recommended in groups, rather than one by one. Tubers before planting must be held in water - from several hours to days.
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)
At the bottom of the tank at the beginning of the drainage poured, after it - the substrate (a prerequisite - the content of peat). It is advisable to plant several tubers in one container, and each of them should not be completely covered with earth so that the top is visible. The following parameters can be attributed to the peculiarities of cultivation and care for ranunculus:

    • Air temperature At the time of flowering, it should not be lower than 18 degrees of heat, the rest of the time - 12-15 degrees.
  • Illumination. Feels equally good in direct sunlight or in partial shade, which allows you to show imagination in the placement of containers with plants in the rooms.
  • Watering. It is necessary to water the plants regularly and moderately. Flowers like well-moistened soil, but they may die in too wet ground.
  • Air humidity. Should be moderate, in the hot season the plants benefit from a light shower.
  • Priming. It can be a mixture of standard floral earth with sand.
  • Top dressing. In spring and summer, flowers are fertilized with mineral fertilizers and organic matter every two weeks. Making wood ash is effective.
  • Transfer. If perennial representatives of ranunculus landed, then transplantation takes place every spring. For annual and biennial species, this procedure is naturally excluded.

When planting ranunculus and caring for them, care should be taken to combat the dangers that await them. For many pests, the ranunculus is practically inaccessible, but it can often be affected by mold and rot. The main reason for the manifestation of the disease can be a dense, heavy soil or stagnant moisture. Distinctive features of a diseased plant, for example, can be found in a photo of a ranunculus on the Internet.
ranunkulyus (xnumx)
It is possible to locate this unpretentious plant in any part of the house. And although the flower is pretty light-loving, its location in a shaded place will contribute to a more intense color at the time of flowering. Therefore, depending on the preferences of the owners or the interior, you can put the ranunculus on the window sills from either side of the house, successfully decorate with it the dining room, living room, hallway or even the kitchen.
ranunkulyus (xnumx)

Purposeful cultivation - Ranunkulus white and other varieties

Flowers of this type of various colors are quite popular in the field of floristics - for most orders one or several varieties of ranunculus are used. In the wedding theme, they are used in the bridal bouquet, in wreaths, and in the decoration of the hall and boutonnieres. Rununculus white is especially popular in this regard - the original snow-white representative of its kind. The focus of cultivation takes into account other varieties that allow to diversify landscape design.
ranunkulyus (xnumx)
A special role is given to flowers and in the decoration of the landscape. Plants of this type are often planted in tandem with other flower plantations to create high-quality, confident compositions. They can become decorations for flowerbeds and rabatok, and when you make borders, low-growing varieties of rununculus will be indispensable. An attractive picture can be obtained if you decorate a yard or a plot with flowers of one or several colors planted in wide pots.
ranunkulyus (xnumx) ranunkulyus (xnumx)
Many photographers prefer these flowers for the solemn photography. A riot of colors and originality of forms allows you to create the most daring and unforgettable photos with flowers of rununculus in cut form, or with plants in pots.

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