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Decorative and flowering vines for the garden are deservedly popular - with their help, you can effectively decorate any landscape design and create comfort in the garden gazebo. Climbing plants belong to the variety that can be found literally anywhere. Extremely elegant vines framing the walls of buildings and various other walls. In spring and summer, they decorate them with green leaves, as well as colorful flowers. But in the autumn they are pleased with red, brown or yellow autumn leaves. Old buildings, where all the walls are overgrown with liana, make a huge impression on all passing by. Creepers for the garden can be viewed on photo and find out their names on this page. Immediately it should be clarified that this is a selection of the most popular flowering and ornamental plants.

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Garden creepers growing in a building, besides the obvious decorative function, have many other advantages. First of all they help to improve the insulation. In winter, it retains heat, and in summer it protects against excessive heating of the walls. In addition, it absorbs dust from the environment, which is extremely useful from the point of view of human health.

Photos and names of decorative and flowering vines for the garden

Photos and names of vines for the garden, below, will make the right choice. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose a variety of plant species and varieties. All blooming vines for the garden require additional shelter in the winter. This circumstance should be considered when planning activities to care for them. Many decorative garden vines can be grown seedling. This gives a great opportunity to get adult plants to the beginning of the summer season. So, let's see photos and names of vines for the garden in all their diversity.

Ivy is one of the most popular plants found in such places. Its main decoration is the greenery that adorns the plant throughout the year. They are pressed against the walls, holding small roots and claws. Flowers unsightly, yellow-green color. Uncomplicated in growing. Prefer location in the shade, twice a month, during a period of violent growth, fed with a large number of fertilizers.

plyushch (1) plyushch (2)

American Milin - a beautiful plant with green leaves and very decorative, rather large flowers of red-orange, yellow, red or orange shades. The growing place must be sunny, with fertile soil. Attached to the walls like ivy, fine roots.

milin-amerikanskij (1) milin-amerikanskij (2)

Maiden trio grapes - a great plant for planting against the walls. Extremely decorative green leaves of this vine for the garden looks great on any building. In autumn, the leaves change color to red, orange or yellow and become even more decorative. Without any problems, they can climb on absolutely any surface thanks to special veins. It is very simple to grow: the soil should not be too heavy, and grapes can be placed in both sunny and shady places.

devichij-vinograd-triostrennyj (1) devichij-vinograd-triostrennyj (2)

Hortensia is a long creeper for the garden, which, thanks to its aerial roots, can also climb walls. Green leaves are heart-shaped. In the summer there are rows with white flowers. In the spring they are planted together in moist and acidic soil. It is best to feel and bloom in a sunny place, but a large amount of sun is not a necessary condition for its proper cultivation.

gortenziya (1) gortenziya (2) gortenziya (3)

Curly hortensia - another long vine with green leaves, which are the main decoration in the fall, when they change their color to yellow-brown. In the summer, the liana is decorated with white flowers, gathered in rather large inflorescences. Climb the walls thanks to small roots. Grow either in partial shade or in shade, necessarily protected place, in moist or acidic soil. Abundant watering is very important.

gortenziya-vyushchayasya (1) gortenziya-vyushchayasya (2)

Creepers, which do not have the natural ability to trim the walls, we can also land on the wall. To this end, develop a special staircase or install garden arbors, which will support the entire bush. This method will be extremely convenient, as the plant does not grow directly on the walls, which will allow in which case it is easy to remove.liany-dlya-sada (6) liany-dlya-sada (7) liany-dlya-sada (9)

You can choose from a variety of varieties that can grow on or near the walls. However, their choice can not be accidental. Choosing the right plant, first of all, we pay attention to how it will grow and on what. We will not plant a plant with thick and heavy shoots with weak walls that can not withstand such pressure.liany-dlya-sada (3) liany-dlya-sada (4) liany-dlya-sada (5)

Garden vines are among the most beautiful plants in our gardens and have a wide range of uses. One of them is landing on the walls and near the walls. They not only look beautiful there, but also decorate with their green leaves and beautiful flowers in autumn.

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