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Actinidia argut in the Moscow region: the subtleties of agricultural engineering

Landscape garden design does not have to be purely aesthetic. With proper selection of crops, you can turn it into a source of healthy fruits and berries. Actinidia argouta belongs to the berry, bringing rich crops rich in vitamins and minerals. All the subtleties of agricultural engineering can be learned from the proposed material. How to choose its varieties suitable for the Moscow region - tell experienced gardeners. The timely and proper planting of the actinidia argut guarantees a harvest already after 1 a year. And providing competent care, the owner of the vine will be able to extend its life to 20 years.

Look at the photos of actinidia aggro - various varieties of culture are shown, and we’ll continue to talk about the beautiful stranger:

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Description and photo of Actinidia arguta

The most common name of the culture of the people - balsam, it was obtained due to the special organoleptic qualities. Description Actinidia arguta should start with the fact that it is quite a rare plant. In the state register of the Russian Federation there are only two varieties officially registered by breeders. Belongs to the botanical family Actinidiaceae, has a pronounced resistance to insufficient amount of moisture in the soil and sunlight. It can be grown in shady places, where difficulties with regular watering may occur. Look at the photo of Actinidia argut in different stages of the development of the vine:

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The difficulty of growing lies in the dioeciousness of the plant. For pollination for every 5 female seedlings, 2 male specimens are required. Otherwise, the harvest will be very difficult to wait. Actinidia have no other natural pollinators. Male creepers of fruits do not give, but they perfectly decorate with themselves any landscape design due to the ability for rapid growth. Fruiting occurs at the beginning of autumn, in the Moscow region, the fruits are harvested unripe. They need a ripening period of up to 10 days in a dry dark place. Berries can have a large range of flavors: pineapple, melon, strawberry, apple, etc. Until the moment of full ripening, actinidia berries are not edible and can cause poisoning.

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Athenidia argut is a powerful liana, the stem of which can grow in length up to 20 meters. At the same time, the diameter of the stem is no more than 15 cm. For rapid growth and development, the installation of strong, high supporting structures is required. It can be used as a covering ornamental plant along high fences, arbors, facades of buildings made of concrete and wood. Look at the photo for examples of a successful landing:

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The stems of the actinidia argut vine have an unsightly grayish tint. Over the summer season 1, it grows on the 2,5 meter. Covered with large dense leaves with a shiny dark green surface. The color palette of the foliage does not change until the full ripening of the berries. At the end of September, the leaves turn bright yellow and, after 2-3 weeks, fall.

The vine has a certain beauty during its flowering period, which comes in early June and lasts for almost a month. At this time, it is possible to distinguish male liana from female arsenia. Male representatives give a more lush bloom, forming inflorescences of three buds, while on female actinidia only a single bloom is observed. Boiled white buds with contrasting black stamens and pistils. After flowering, the formation of fruits weighing up to 20 gr begins. The average yield is 10 - 12 kg with 1 plants. Berries can be consumed fresh, jam, marshmallow, drinks are prepared from them. The berries contain a huge amount of phytoncides, vitamins, minerals and other useful substances.

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Landing actinidia argut in the suburbs and the subsequent care of the vine

The process begins with the selection of a suitable place. Planting of Arginut akinidia should be carried out in soil with a neutral pH. During primary digging, lime and fertilizers with a high content of potassium chloride should be avoided. These substances can completely burn the root system of the cuttings. At the same time, an increased amount of organic matter, phosphorus and potassium is required. But they are made in the composition of special complex fertilizers. In the suburbs of Aknidiya arguta is located on a site with distances between vines of at least 3-meters. All subsequent care for the vine is regular watering and weekly application of mineral fertilizers.

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Wintering is not particularly difficult. The plant can easily withstand a decrease in ambient temperature to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Danger is spring frosts. When the ambient temperature drops to minus 2 degrees Celsius during the budding and flowering period, it completely eliminates the possibility of obtaining a crop in the current season.

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Actinidia argutas such as Vera, Primorskaya, VIR-54, Haniber, Geneva and others are suitable for the Moscow region. It is worth paying attention to the results of the work of breeders. Japanese botanists offer Actinidia Agruta "Issey" - a samoplodnoe plant that does not require planting male lianas for successful fruiting.

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