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Flowers phlox in the design of the garden

A variety of species and varieties of this plant allows you to create the most fantasy compositions in landscape design plot. Phloxes in the garden can be both a background and a central focus on any flowerbed. About how you can use phlox flowers in the garden, described in detail on this page.

See examples of how phloxes can be used in garden design in the photo, where different options are illustrated:

In the article you can find tips on the selection of species phlox and its flowers depending on in what territory the flower garden will be broken. In the design of landscape design of various personal plots can be used high and creeping, perennial and annual types of phlox. By applying this knowledge, you can create a magnificent view on your own, complementing the overall picture of the site design.

Look at the photo of phlox in the garden with different kinds of them. landing and use:

The use of phlox flowers in garden design (with photo)

Phlox - universal plants. They have long gone beyond the grandmother's village front garden. Phloxes are able to decorate with themselves modern gardens of almost any style, from country to regular. The use of phlox flowers in the design of a garden is possible both in a usual flowerbed, in a mixborder, in a flower garden bordering the path, and as an array on the lawn. Although the choice of phloxes, few people manage to provide all the details and not make a mistake, some points should be kept in mind.

When choosing varieties, it is important to take into account the decorative features of phlox in the design of the garden, not only during flowering, but also during the entire growing season.

See photos of phlox flowers in the garden, where the most vivid examples of successful use of culture are shown:

Phlox, large host and daylily. Such a trinity looks spectacular during the entire growing season. Initially, the host will be the soloist, then the daylily will be in the foreground, and the exuberant flowering of phlox will be the final chord. Additional charm of the composition gives the combination of various forms of leaves of these plants.

Phlox with classic green and variegated foliage can be safely planted in one composition — unsuccessful variants simply cannot be. But the masterpieces, sometimes obtained.

It must be remembered that lighting affects not only the development of phlox. It can change the height of plants, the tonality of color, both leaves and flowers, as well as shift the flowering time.

Suitable for open, windy or elevated places. most undersized phlox, with strong stalks and a compact bush.

In sunny areas, varieties resistant to flower fading and powdery mildew will look particularly impressive.

Choosing a place for planting variegated phlox, it is important to remember that the original color is fully manifested only under good lighting conditions. However, under the influence of the midday sun on variegated phloxes, leaf burns are often observed, sometimes the leaves even bend or shrink.

See how phlox can be used in the design of the garden in the photo, where different versions of flower beds are offered:

Phlox garden landscaping

In large-scale flower beds framing a walkway in combination with large plants: brilliant rudbeckia, daylilies, paniculate hydrangeas, dahlias, only large curtains of phlox will look

Using phlox in the landscape design of the garden, it is desirable to give preference to winter hardiness, resistant to diseases and pest varieties. As a rule, such varieties grow for decades in old gardens.

Pancake phlox produces a strong impression during the flowering period, when they are planted with a large array. They are located taking into account the height of adult plants, flowering time, the rules of harmonious combination of shades of foliage and inflorescences.

Monochrome phlox planting is especially good when viewed from a distance. Therefore, this option is most suitable for the design of large areas and parks.

If the owners work and most often go to the garden in the early morning or evening, it makes sense to plant varieties with white flowers or the so-called “chameleons” - purple and purple phloxes, changing the color of the inflorescences to blue and even blue at dusk.

In autumn flower beds, the phlox varieties of the pancake line Feelings, which are very fashionable today, attract attention.

In the garden, these phloxes are perfectly combined with each other, as well as with centrantus, goldenrod, astilba, gelenium, daisies, buzulnik, astrantia, host, cereals and other perennials. Their flowering very often continues until late autumn.

See how successfully phloxes are used in the landscape design of the garden in the photo of various landscapes:

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