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African miracle - chamomile osteospermum (with photo)

Flowers give life to people and enjoyment. We are not separable from each other. But plants need love and care so that they give us joy and an unforgettable smell. In spring only blooming flowers start to give joy, but in summer the most beautiful phenomenon begins - flowering. And what kind of garden will be beautiful without unique plants? Chamomile osteospermum is a real African miracle, amazing flowers - growing them from seeds will give pleasure to any grower

Decorators love to surprise their customers with interesting ideas - flowers that create a picture or a beautiful set of rare species. And in the house one pot with a flower can drastically change the interior. And do not forget about the fragrance that flowers emit. Look at the photo of chamomile osteospermum - various plant variants are presented:
osteospermum (1) osteospermum (8)
The original species is very rich in South Africa. She gave us a lot of plants that complement the decor in any room. In particular, it is possible to distinguish osteospermum flowers, which are popularly called “African chamomile”. Indeed, the shape of the petals are very reminiscent of chamomile. The only thing that distinguishes osteosperm from a chamomile that looks like it is the coloring. The flower is dominated by light purple hues. In height, some species reach 100 cm, and the diameter of the flowers themselves - 8 cm. Breeders grow small species that fit perfectly into the garden plot.
osteospermum (6) osteospermum (7) osteospermum (9)

Brief history of gaining popularity with gardeners in Europe

This plant appeared in Europe around the tenth century. A brief history of gaining popularity with gardeners in Europe begins with the fact that it is assumed that the British brought a small batch. Became popular with gardeners almost instantly. And all because the flower is not whimsical, you do not need to care for him so carefully. It is enough to follow the simple rules of bait and watering. In the CIS countries, the plant has not yet gained the popularity it has in Europe.

The most popular are all 7 species that are easy to grow at home. Often occurs osteospermum Eclon, which is usually planted in open ground. It is frost-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1 ° C, some varieties and sub-zero temperatures on the shoulder.

Look at the various types and varieties of osteospermum in the photo:osteospermum (19)osteospermum (11) osteospermum (13)

Types of osteospermum that are easy to grow at home

The plant belongs to the aster family and loves warmth. Indoors will best grow on a windowsill, where there is enough sunlight. It is not demanding on moisture, so no problems should arise with watering. It is recommended to keep the soil almost dry. Also, in wet areas can quickly fade. Roots lets in any soils. But, unfortunately, does not tolerate transplants. Consider the main types of osteospermum that are easy to grow at home from seed.

Let's sort 4 of a look which perfectly will enter an interior of any room, and will also look beautifully in a garden. So:

  • A fascinating look osteospermum sky and ice. This is a one-year view that reaches 75 in height. See What is popular? Of course, a combination of colors. It is like a picture of snowy mountains - a deep blue sky and white tops of mountains that are covered with snow. Planted this species in mid-March in the razsadnyh boxes. The plant needs sunlight. Moderately watered throughout the entire time and bloom necessarily in early June. His appearance and aroma will delight until the end of October;

osteospermum (16)

  • Resistant osteospermum peshn. This species is very resistant to frost and cold environment in general. Blooms throughout the summer and autumn. Sometimes even up to the frosts. The inflorescences in diameter grow to 5 cm, and they will give aroma even at a temperature of - 5 ° C. It also tolerates even the hottest summer very well. Sit from seedlings to moderately moist soil. After planting, the first shoots appear approximately in 10 days, if the air temperature reaches 20 ° C. In order for the plant to be healthy, you can feed it;

osteospermum (20)

  • Another resistant variety is osteosperm coolness. In many ways, this view is similar to the previous one. Differ only in color and the fact that the coolness is used exclusively in bouquets, and not in the garden. As a houseplant is also not impressive. Serves as a decoration for wedding bouquets. Planted in the same way as peshn. It blooms the same throughout the summer and autumn, until the frost;

osteospermum (18)

  • Dark osteospermum akila. Very impressive variety of dark purple. Both winter and hot summer are very well tolerated. Should be planted in places with good access to sunlight. Grown from seeds and seedlings. The soil does not matter - the breeders have achieved that the plant can grow even in stones. Blossoms from the end of June and up to the frosts. From all relatives differs in more saturated aroma.

osteospermum (17)

A common thing to know when growing osteospermum from seeds and cuttings

If you do not like to get plants from cuttings, then growing osteosperm from seeds will definitely work. The general thing you need to know when growing osteospermum from seeds and cuttings is that in order to get the first flowers in June, you need to start planting seeds in March, the deadline is the beginning of April. Since the plant has very large seeds, they can be planted right away in pots immediately, without fear. That growth was fast, the soil is necessary exactly friable. For this you need to mix any humus with sand and turf ground. For the landing, small hollows are made, no more than 1 cm, which are sprinkled with earth. Since the plant is thermophilic - you need to put the pot in a warm place with good access to sunlight. If the window sill is cold, then the UV-lamp will be the way out. About a week later, the first shoots will appear. During this period, requires good watering.
osteospermum (12)
Planting osteospermum from cuttings is not difficult. They are collected in the middle, the end of winter from the hardened flowers. Then rooted. The temperature should not be below 18 degrees. After this, transplantation into pots begins, and further care is the same as when growing plants from seeds. Do not forget that the plant needs light and heat!

Saplings need care at first. It is best to sometimes feed with liquid fertilizers for fast and high-quality growth. During flowering regular feeding is necessary. For a permanent place it is necessary to choose fertile soil with free access to light. It is not necessary to water in the future plentifully - the plant hardly transfers overmoistening. However, the pests of osteosperm are not terrible.
osteospermum (5)
What is the result? In general, care for osteosperm is not complicated, does not require deep knowledge. Simply follow the above rules and then you get a healthy and beautiful plant. Do not water often, plant only in bright places with loose, but fertile soil.
osteospermum (10) osteospermum (14)

Handsome man in the garden and in the room. Osteospermum in decor

Most species look good in large clusters - a row of daisies along the curb will look very impressive. But the photo flower osteospermum looks amazing and unusual. Indeed, in life this daisy is amazingly beautiful and will surely adorn any garden with its look. This is a real handsome man in the room and in the garden. Osteospermum in the decoration is used in rooms for various purposes, including to decorate special occasions. Do not forget about the aroma that will accompany the garden during the entire flowering period, from the beginning of summer to the very end of autumn.
osteospermum (2) osteospermum (3)
Also, in the photo osteosperm can often be seen as a decoration for the bride and in the exposition of the wedding bouquet. Stunning colors of the sky and ice will only complement the image of the bride.

Also, in a separate pot in the apartment is flower will bring summer freshness that can remain until deep winter. The smell of summer is always pleasant in winter and even warms a little.osteospermum (4)osteospermum (15)

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