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Planning a garden and garden on the site: examples and tips

Like any responsible event, the laying of the future garden on the site begins with planning: how carefully you think through all the details of placing capital and farm buildings, how responsibly you are in choosing a place for trees, shrubs, vegetables and berry plants will also depend harvest, and the comfort of your stay in the country.

When planning the garden and the garden, many nuances have to be taken into account, so do not rush, count at once several suitable options, and then choose the best one.

If you want your garden to bring not only fruit, but also look wonderful, you need to put a little effort and a little imagination already at its tab. This is a very demanding job: it includes a large number of processes that are simultaneously performed, and besides, preparatory work and planting should be carried out in a short time.

The laying of the garden deserves special attention also because the mistakes made at the same time are difficult to correct in the future, since fruit trees are planted once for many years.

How to fill your garden with beautiful and prolific plants? In order to properly perform the layout of the backyard garden, use the advice of experienced gardeners presented on this page.

Planning the territory of the future garden

Whatever path you choose, the laying of the future garden should begin with a clear planning of the territory. All plants must be planted immediately to a permanent place, as transplants greatly harm the plants. In order not to be mistaken, think over the site plan to the smallest detail and draw all your ideas.

Using the measurements of the site, to plan the garden, draw a plan to scale. Such care is needed not only to determine the exact landing site. You can easily calculate the number of selected plants.

When planning different areas of their garden, they usually try to make the playground look good from the kitchen or from the recreation area.

It does not matter if you are planning a berry field on your plot, a garden or not - you just need to make a working area. After all, the garden will be planted with plants that need care.

In the working area have a barn with inventory, a pit under the compost pile. And since this zone is not very attractive, it can be hidden by plants.

When the whole site is divided into zones and measurements are made on the ground, you need to think about the communication between the zones, that is, the paths and paths. It is better if the tracks do not pass at right angles, but begin to bend smoothly.

Follow the marked paths, check: is everything comfortable? If all is well, you can go to the placement of plants on the site.

If you do not think of your life without fresh vegetables, then take a well-lit place under the garden, located not on the aisle and so that the trees do not interfere with the normal growth of vegetables.

When planning the garden design, in order for the planting to delight you not only with their appearance, but also with the harvest, trees are placed at a distance of 4 meters from each other, shrubs - 1,5-2 meters. To create green hedges, the plants are planted at shorter intervals, depending from the view of the fence.

Recreation area can be located next to the house. Berry bushes located on it, formed on the trellis, and fruit trees on the stems will create a special comfort. Next to the playground should not be placed pool or other body of water.

Look at the photo - when planning the paths in the garden you need to consider that they must provide access to every corner of the site:

The width of the walkway should be sufficient for the garden car to pass along it normally.

Here is one example of successful garden planning:

  • Hozblok
  • Paved paths
  • Compost
  • The garden of columnar apple trees
  • Hedge of honeysuckle
  • House
  • Patio
  • Golden Currant Fence
  • Lawn
  • Arch with actinidia
  • Playground
  • Flower garden
  • Bushes arrangement currant red and golden - on shtambakh and usual
  • Garden
  • gooseberries
  • Pond
  • Coastal plants
  • Gravel path
  • plums
  • Three pear trees

Planning a site for planting in the garden

As experienced gardeners advise, when drawing up a site plan, it is important to be guided not only by your desires, but also by the needs of the plants, therefore when planning a garden it is important to choose the right place for planting them.

Any plant for normal growth and development needs good lighting. However, this does not mean that they should certainly roast all day in the open sun.

As shown in the photo, when planning the garden garden trees should be placed only in the open:

This is especially true for plants formed in the form of trellis, cordons and palmettes. This need is due to the fact that during shading the branches will grow unevenly, one-sided, strongly stretched, and, therefore, it will be difficult to carry out the formation and further care of the plantations.

In addition, the formed trees have a limited number of branches, where overgrown branches can form. To extend the productive period, it is important to take care of good coverage of these particular branches, because they bear fruit.

When planning a garden on a site, the bushes can be content with a shaded position, since they are less demanding of lighting. In addition, the root system of shrubs is more superficial, and therefore more demanding on the conditions of moisture.

On hot summer days, plants can suffer from a lack of moisture. From the considered berry crops drought tolerance differs Red currantsand the most demanding of moisture is honeysuckle.

With a lack of moisture in the soil, the plants form smaller, lighter leaves, and the length of growths is reduced. All this reduces the decorativeness of plants, affects the yield and its quality: the berries become smaller, they produce less sugars. The amount of acids may increase. And with honeysuckle with insufficient moisture, the berries acquire bitterness.

For actinidia pick up places where there is no stagnation of water, and the soil is loose and fertile. Sunpower should be avoided!

If the place is too damp, then when planning on the garden and garden plot, care must be taken to divert excess water, and plants should be planted on artificially raised elevations.

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