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Gray mold

Control measures

Collection of fallen leaves, thinning of plants, compliance with the requirements of agricultural cultivation, prophylactic and eradicating spraying one of the drugs: fast, pure color, keeper, agro.


Pathogen - mushroom Puccinia graminis Pers. - multi-owner. It hibernates on wild-growing cereals, and in summer, separate stages develop on magonia and barberry, causing the appearance of rounded red spots on the leaves without a border. Sporulation in the form of orange convex pustules is formed from the lower side of the spots. Affected leaves dry prematurely and fall off.

Control measures

The use of high-quality planting material, compliance with the requirements of agrotechnical growing, collection of plant residues, removal of weeds, preventive spraying from the spring of bushes with Bordeaux mixture or its substitutes.

Septoria spotting

The causative agent is the mushroom Septoria sp.- causes the appearance on the leaves of rounded light brown spots with a thin black border. Black dotted pycnidae form in the fabric, the spots merge, the leaves turn yellow, dry out, fall prematurely. Shoots ripen poorly, reduced frost resistance. Infection persists in affected fallen leaves.

Control measures

Collection of plant residues, preventive spraying in the spring and early summer Bordeaux mixture or its substitutes (Abiga-Peak, HOM).

Phallostictose spotting

The causative agent is the fungus Phyllosticta mahoniana (Sacc.) Allesch. The spots on the leaves are large, ashen-gray-brown, with a wide red-brown border, drying out over time. Piknida flat, pinpoint, dark, formed from the upper side of the spots. Affected leaves fall prematurely.

Control measures

Same as against septorioznogo spot.

Barberry aphid

Barberry aphid Liosomaphis berberidis Kalt.- the small sucking insect of reddish-yellow color 2,5 mm long. Pachvnki. m. taroiooy oshab feed on the underside of the leaves, which turn yellow and slightly deformed. When a large number of pests leaves prematurely dry and fall off.

Control measures

Preventive and eradicating spraying preparations: fitoverm, filmix, fufanon, spark, aliot, aktar, wow biotlin, tsvetolux Vau, Inta-Vir.

Scoop pea

Scoop pea Mamestra pisi L. - large brown-red butterfly with a wingspan of 40-50 mm. Caterpillars are brown-green with four yellow stripes, the belly is red. It pupates in late May in cobwebby cocoons, the flight of butterflies from June to autumn. Caterpillars roughly gnaw the leaves of trees and shrubs.

Control measures

Preventive spraying with one of the preparations: fufanon, spark, kinmiks, Inta-Vir.

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