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Buddley flowers will decorate any garden - from planting to cutting

A variety of ornamental plants allows you to create unique landscape compositions next to any country house. Buddley David next to the cottage can play the role of the first violin in the formation of an elegant decoration of homely wall structures. Buddleya flowers are quite tall, which gives them a decorative ability. Such plants will decorate any garden, and you can learn all the subtleties of growing them from seeds, from planting to cutting, on this page. The flowers presented in the photo have some differences, but at the same time they retain the main species characteristics:
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Shrub with blooming clusters (photo and description of the culture)

The proposed photos and a description of the culture give a general idea. It must be admitted that buddley flowers are familiar to many gardeners from early childhood. They are adored by experienced flower growers and gardeners who know about the unpretentiousness of the plant and the ease of caring for it in the process of vegetative development. The only drawback is the need to grow annually from seed by seedling. This prolongs the flowering period, bringing it closer to about 2 a month. A shrub with attractive flowering clusters grows quite quickly, forming a mass of above-ground shoots. However, he rarely experiences the harsh Russian winters without problems. Therefore, it is better to insure and in February to re-sow several roots of this flower.
buddleya (5) buddleya (6) Planting buddley is attractive for those summer residents who would like to get a magnificent crop of pollinated vegetable crops. It is advisable to plant the plant next to the greenhouses and greenhouses, along the ridges with strawberries and strawberries. The fact is that buddleya has a pleasant and very pronounced sweet smell. A lot of bees and bumblebees fly on it. Flowering in the rassadny method of cultivation begins around the second half of June and lasts until the end of October. Culture refers to frost-resistant, not afraid of return spring and first autumn frosts on the ground. It continues to bloom until the first snow falls.

Externally shrub resembles lilacHowever, there is a significant difference - the branches desalinate extremely rarely and the culture belongs to perennials. Look at the photo buddley in all its glory flowering:
buddleya (8) buddleya (9)

Planting and growing buddley seed

The first step to a successful crop culture will be the selection of a suitable site. It has already been said that for this plant it is better to choose places where it will not be necessary to think about the future support for fast-growing shoots. It can be places along the fence, near the greenhouse or the front of the house. Buddley planting is done in two standard ways: grafting and sowing seeds. In the first case, you should purchase high-quality planting material. Quite often there are cases of outright fraud, when budding flower growers under the guise of buddley David assume ordinary lilac or even worse - bird cherry. In this regard, the cultivation of buddley from seeds is the best way to breed this culture. Make it easy enough even for a beginner florist.

So, a quick guide:

  1. we prepare the soil consisting of humus, sand and compost in equal proportions;
  2. we heat the soil in the oven for 2 hours;
  3. spill solution of potassium permanganate;
  4. then pour into the boxes (for this purpose you can use containers from cakes with a transparent lid) to half the volume;
  5. lightly tamp the surface and spray it abundantly with water;
  6. leave for a day to settle the ground;
  7. we sow on the soil surface, only slightly pressing down buddley seeds;
  8. on top you can put a small layer of snow (approximately 3 cm thick);
  9. close the lid and set in a warm bright place.

Shoots begin to appear after 2 weeks. The subsequent picking is carried out in the phase of full development of 2's true leaves. You can use peat cups and a teaspoon with a sharpened edge. With its help, carefully remove each sprout without damaging the root system. Transplanted into a separate peat cup. We close the stem with earth until the seedbed leaves. Repeated picking may be required with the rapid growth of seedlings. In between these activities should be carried out daily watering, loosening the soil. The introduction of mineral dressing - weekly, in the morning.

Subsequent cultivation of buddley from seeds continues after transplanting to open ground. It is important to maintain the necessary distance between the future bushes. It should be at least 60 cm. Then the soil is mulched, loosened, irrigated as needed.

Please note that planting in the ground is allowed only after the soil at a depth of 40 cm warms up to 20 degrees Celsius.
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Proper care of buddley on the site

Proper care of buddley allows you to get a magnificent ornamental plant on your site at no extra cost. The rules of agricultural engineering do not include clever tricks and various subtleties. Everything is simple here - to grow to a state of flowering, and then as often as possible to cut the growing shoots, forming a neat and externally attractive shrub. Look at the photo - how to grow buddley and form it correctly:
buddleya (19)buddleya (10)
With one-year cultivation in areas where the climate does not allow to preserve the plant in winter, you can practice vertical pruning. For this, the branches are simply shortened to the desired length for the grower. With many years of agricultural technology, cutting branches in the fall should be thinning. And throughout the season pruning is carried out with the aim of forming an attractive form of shrubs.
buddleya (7)
Other care rules include:

  • regular deep soil moistening - buddley has a rather deeply developed root system and it is important for it to get a large amount of water;
  • top dressing with organic fertilizers in the form of solutions;
  • The introduction of mineral complexes that enhance flowering should begin in the phase of planting flower buds and continue to be carried out every week;
  • soil mulching will eliminate weeds and frequent loosening.

With prolonged absence of rain, it is recommended to conduct abundant spraying of shrub with warm water. This procedure can also be performed in the evening after sunset. Such an event stimulates flowering and stops the rapid growth of lateral shoots.

You can try to save the plant in winter. For this, after flowering the branches are folded down as close as possible to the ground and covered with fir branches. Not bad help specially constructed wooden boxes, the inner space of which is filled with hay or straw. In the spring of sheltered remove immediately after the descent of snow cover.
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Popular species and varieties of buddley (with photo)

To begin breeding this shrub should choose the appropriate form of the plant. Popular buddley species include the following varieties:

  • David's buddley, which came to us from the territory of China, where it grows wild - has a height of up to 3-meters and a huge variety of shades of petals (lilac, pink, white, red, purple);
  • the subspecies of Wilson is distinguished by the graceful curved shape of flowering shoots, perfectly decorates alpine hills, blooms in pink and purple color;
  • if it is necessary to obtain especially large long inflorescences, it should be grown by budding Wich;
  • Buddley is beautiful in David’s varietal group and is distinguished by the purple and burgundy color of the petals;
  • the spherical form has not particularly elongated inflorescences and forms an almost complete covering ability of the entire surface of the bush with the help of inflorescences, it blooms with yellow and orange color;
  • the perennial leaf variety is not cultivated in central Russia, since it requires a very mild winter and the complete absence of return spring frosts;
  • Japanese variety has a distinctive decorative effect due to the development of several long inflorescences at the ends of the shoots at once;
  • The snowy buddleya has pubescent shoots and small inflorescences.

Look at the photos of the species and varieties of buddley, which can be grown in different climatic conditions:
buddleya (11) buddleya (12) buddleya (13)
You can recommend in the seed shop to choose the following varieties, depending on the preference of shades of future petals:

  • light pink shade - Fascinating and Orchid Beauty;
  • red shades - Harlequin and Royal Red;
  • purple inflorescences - Black Knight and Empire Blue;
  • white tone - White Profusion, Alba and White Cloud.

Growing buddley from seeds will bring a lot of pleasure in view of the unpretentiousness and unusualness of this culture.
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