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This flower was named in the 19 century by Karl Thunberg in honor of the then mayor of Amsterdam Johann van Deutz. Shrub deytion belongs to the family of hydrangea. You can meet her in East Asia and North America. it evergreen shrub, varieties of which differ in botanical characteristics and color of petals of buds. It can be either sprawling or erect. In height, depending on the type reach from 50 centimeters to 4 meters. Flower life is approximately 25 years. The leaves are holistic, simple, located opposite each other, green shade. The main and exceptional advantage of the flower is a long and rich flowering. This is the period of the late spring-early summer.

Its flowers are white, can be pink or purple-purple hue. Without smell. It bears fruit. The fruit is a box. It can be propagated by seeds and grafting, as well as layering or root suckers. You can learn more about how planting and care is carried out, but for now, look at the photo of the event - you can appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of the plant for landscape design:

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Planting and caring for action

It is desirable to plant deytion in an open area, but on which the direct sun does not fall in the daytime. Planting and caring for action is not particularly difficult. All agrotechnical measures are quite simple and even beginner gardeners. But the result is always the same - the magnificence of abundant flowering and the pleasant aroma of plants in the garden.

For planting, dig a hole of medium depth, fill it with humus, peat and sand in the ratio 2: 1: 2. The distance between the sprouts in this case should be at least 2,5 meters. Planting depth is about 50 centimeters, with the root neck at the same level as the ground.

To obtain the result of a lush flowering period, the plant should be fertilized with organic matter from time to time. Manure mixed with water in the ratio 1: 10 is quite suitable for this. Application rate - 5 - 6 liters per plant.

Mineral fertilizers are recommended to be applied immediately after spring pruning.

It is advisable to water them once or twice a month, spending approximately 10 liters of water per bush. In hot and dry summer, the amount of watering should be increased to two or three times a month, while the amount of water increases to 20 liters.

In the care of the shrub nekaprizen and hardy: able to transfer any conditions of the city, including smoke and gas resistant.

Palm is resistant to dry weather, prefers lit place and warm. However, even after a strong frosting from a cold winter, the shoots often grow back quickly, and the plant is able to color in the same year.

Pruning is required, preferably every year. Branches that have faded, pruned to the level of the first strong kidney or to the base. At the bush from time to time cut out the old shoots, and you can remove the excess, which thickens the bush.

Weeds should be weeded and loosened the ground to a depth of 25 centimeters near the bushes.

The deformations bloom on last year's shoots, so an important point is to preserve them throughout the winter, otherwise the bush will lose its appeal. If there are snowy winters in your area, you can bend the branches of the plant to the ground. This will be enough to save the plant in winter. If you have frequent frosts in the area without snow, you can simply cover the bush with a frame, fill it with dry branches of spruce or pine, and cover the upper part with a film. This method is suitable for young plants, and for older and higher plants you can resort to the following method: tie and wrap with any air-permeable material, for example, a sugar bag.dejciya (4) dejciya (5) dejciya (6)

Varietal varieties of action (with photo)

A variety of types of ornamental plants allows you to form rabatki, flower beds and flower beds in the desired landscape style. Variety varieties of the flower deytion include a variety of petal coloring and forms of their development. Look at the description and photos of some popular varieties.

Deytsiya elegant or slim (Deutzia gracilis)

It grows in northern China and the mountains of Japan.

The bush has a rounded shape.

It grows in length to one and a half meters.

The leaves reach six centimeters in length, oblong, pointed, hairy on top, and smooth from below. In the summer, the leaves are light green, and in the fall they become yellowish.

White flowers.

Color lets out at the end of May lasting one month.dejciya (12) dejciya (13)

Deytion rough or star-shaped (Deutzia scabra)

Can be seen in Japan and China.

The leaves are rough, hence the name.

Low - up to 2,5 meters.

Color lets - in June and July.

The leaves are oval-shaped, 4-9 long centimeters, pale green. In autumn, they become yellow-brown.

Flowers in the form of stars, white, slightly pinkish or light crimson, in diameter up to 1,5 centimeters.


Deytion rough has its own varieties:

  • Candidacy

Pure white flowers.

  • Marmorata

Differs white and yellow spots on green leaves.

  • "Captivity"(terry deytion)

Large shrubs up to 3-4 meters high and up to 2,5 meters wide.

Flowers terry, white.

Durability up to 50 years.

The leaves are three to eight centimeters long, ovate-pointed, dark green, rough, yellow in autumn.

  • "Pride of Rochester"(terry deytion)

To 2,5-3 meters in height and to 2,5 meters in width. Flowers terry, white.dejciya (9) dejciya (10)

Deytsiya pink pom pom

Terry flowers, white with a pinkish tinge on the outer part of the petals.

The leaves are dark green, rough.

Color lets out in June and July.

Deytsiya hybrid

Obtained from crossing the delicacy of the graceful and the action of the Amur.

Shrub reaches a height of two meters.

The flowers are snow white.

Color lets in the month of July.

The leaves are dark green in color, rough to the touch, become yellow-red in autumn.

Cold resistant.dejciya (14)

Deytsia hybrid has the following subtypes:

  • deytion mont rose

Flowers - white or pink, terry.

Large shrub in height to 2,5 meters.

The leaves are dark green in autumn acquire yellowish-red tones.

Color lets out from June to July.

It grows well on all types of soil.

Location - the sun or shaded place.

  • Deutzia Strawberry Fields

Reaches 1,5 meters in height.

The leaves are pointed, dark green shade, rough.

The annual increase is about 25 centimeters.

Blossoms in June-July.

The flowers are large in size, pink shade.


Prefers protected from the wind places, moderately wet, fertile soil.

  • deytion gorgeous Turbilon Rouge

Hybrid between the action of rough and the action of Vilmoren.

Reaches up to 2,5 meters in height.

The leaves are oval-shaped, elongated.

Flowers of snow-white color, to the touch terry.

Blossoms in June.dejciya (7) dejciya (8)

Detion pink (Deutzia rosea)

It is a hybrid between the action of purple and the action of graceful.

The bush grows in length to one meter, not higher.

Flowers have the form of an open bell. Petals in the lower part of pink, and at the top - a little lighter.dejciya (11) dejciya (15)

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