Myrtle tree: how to grow at home (with photo)

One of the indoor plants, the origin of which is tightly intertwined with mythology - this is a myrtle tree capable of boasting not only beauty, but also useful properties. In many legends, you can find exactly the myrtle - in Greek mythology, it is considered the tree of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, in the biblical legends, Adam from paradise made a twig of this plant as memory of lost happiness. In the modern world, this plant is considered a symbol of purity and peace. Its useful properties are honored. Therefore, wedding bouquets often decorate it with branches, by the way, this tradition came to us from the shores of the Baltic Sea, where brides independently grew a myrtle tree so that their marriage would be happy. Myrtle tree is not demanding - taking care of it at home consists of loosening and watering, spraying of hardwood. How to grow a myrtle tree at home, we describe next.

Today, let's learn in more detail about what this plant is, how to care for it at home, and also look at it in the photo.

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The homeland of the myrtle tree is the Mediterranean basin, where it grows to 3-meter sizes. Under room conditions, it can reach 60 cm, and with proper and careful maintenance, the 1 meter. In the photo below you can see beautiful trees that are well acclimatized at home.

The flowers of a myrtle tree are somewhat reminiscent of apple blossoms. They are usually pink or white and quite fluffy due to the long golden stamens. In diameter, the inflorescence can reach 3 cm, it is located on a thin pedicel and usually one at a time. Myrtle flowers are very fragrant due to the content of a fairly large amount of essential oils.

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The leaves of myrtle are rather fleshy and have a dark green leathery surface. On closer examination, you can see small dark specks in which the content of essential oils is concentrated. On the shoots the leaves are located opposite, as shown in the photo below. They also have a very pleasant, but less pronounced flavor, so they are often used as spices in some countries.

When the myrtle blossoms, a fruit is formed, which may have a dark green or dark blue color. It can also be used as a spice. In fact, the well-known “spicy carnation” is the fruit of the myrtle tree. Due to the content of a large number of useful essential oils, they are quite useful and popular in the world of cooking. In the fruit of myrtle can be no more than 7 seeds, which are used for growing trees in the home and in the open field.

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There are more than 100 species of myrtle tree, but at home only one is cultivated - it is called myrtle ordinary, it does not grow by more than 60-70 cm in height and is considered quite compact and useful. This and other species of this plant can be seen in the photo below.


Useful properties of myrtle tree

It is no secret to anyone that the myrtle tree is at home, that in its natural environment it is considered a plant with a number of useful properties. For example, the evaporation of its essential oils kills harmful microbes in their environment, making the air cleaner. Some housewives plant such a plant in their home, as according to some popular signs, it is believed that the myrtle can bring happiness and comfort to the household. But, as you know, there is a grain of common sense in this. The evaporation of essential oils has a rather beneficial effect on the nervous system, and in traditional medicine these substances are often used as an excellent sedative. The useful properties of the myrtle tree don't end there.

In addition, the myrtle tree at home helps to treat diseases of the respiratory tract and colds. Many owners of myrtle observe that if you start such a plant, the immunity will increase, and also the functions of the reproductive system will improve, it is not for nothing that they call it the sacred tree of the goddess of love.

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Essential oils of myrtle tree not only act as a sedative, it is often used to treat varicose veins and in dermatology. This applies even to official medicine.

It should be said that the myrtle tree at home can reflect the state and health of its owner. In this case, with the help of such a plant, you can safely cure the depressive state and get rid of sadness and sadness once and for all.

Perhaps the phrase “will bring happiness to the house” is confirmed by scientific research, but the fact that this tree is truly unique and mystical is said by many of its owners. So, some girls, after they had found such a living decoration, quickly found their happiness in their personal life and acquired peace of mind. Perfectly such a tree is also suitable for a family, if there is discord in it, then it will bring peace and tranquility to all members into the house and help friends of all members of the household.

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Growing myrtle tree at home

You can grow a myrtle tree at home in two ways - cuttings or seeds. Both of these methods are quite effective, but in the first case the myrtle will bloom in the second year, and in the second in the third. In order to grow a tree from seeds, it is necessary to gather them from soft fruits, when they are gathered and become lilac in color. The berry sits directly in the ground and watered. Already on the expiration of 1-2 weeks of green seedling is formed from the seeds. Growing - a long process, you can buy ready-made cuttings.

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As for breeding using cuttings, then here to grow a myrtle tree in the home will not be difficult. To do this, take a woody stalk, soak it in any root-forming solution and plant it in the ground for citrus fruits. After this, the future plant is covered with transparent glass or cling film to create a greenhouse effect.

In order to grow a healthy myrtle tree you need to do bait. To do this, once or twice a month, complex fertilizers are used, as well as every week of spring and summer (during the active vegetative period).

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In addition, for the formation of a beautiful and neatly shaped tree must be formed. This is done periodically - new shoots are removed. Only in this way you can get a tree, otherwise - it will be a shrub that is found in its natural habitat.

Crown formation is also beneficial for plant growth. With its help, you can grow a beautiful neat tree with lush flowering. Flowers and leaves will be formed on the new shoots, thereby creating a rather impressive crown.

Enemies of the myrtle tree, even at home, are aphid, spider mite, and scab. Special insecticides are used against them; a soap solution can be used as one of them. Chemicals use is strictly prohibited.

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Home care for myrtle and transplant

At home, myrtle should be cared for and cherished such a beautiful tree, even in winter. This plant definitely deserves a very responsible host who is able to create all the necessary conditions for it. So that our readers could become such, let's learn the basic rules of caring for myrtle trees at home, as well as see photos of beautiful plants that you can easily grow for yourself.

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First of all, it is worth talking about temperature and humidity. Since the myrtle tree is from a tropical belt, it simply needs its own microclimate. That is why it is recommended to spray it with soft water from a spray bottle, especially if there are hot batteries and dead air in the apartment. The temperature in this microclimate should be in the period of active growth from 18 to 23 degrees. Only if such a balance is maintained can a tree please with beautiful lush flowering.

Myrtle is a rather light-loving plant, but you should not pamper it with direct sunlight, especially if the thermometer on the street shows more than 30 degrees. If the temperature does not exceed the mark in 30 degrees, then the myrtle tree can be brought to fresh air - this will contribute to a stronger growth of shoots and abundant flowering. It is especially good if you bring it to the terrace, to the garden or to put a myrtle on the balcony after the rain, so you can please it with sufficient humidity in the air.

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In the spring, it is necessary to prune new shoots of the plant and replant it, but not more often than 1 every two years. His transplant gives rise to new roots and shoots.


Winter time is peace for the myrtle tree. The best climate for him during this period will be a bright room with a temperature of no more than 8 degrees. If suddenly the leaves began to fall from it, then it indicates that the temperature is high. If there is no possibility to reduce it - you can not worry, new leaves will grow in the spring.

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