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A laurel cherry is a fairly popular plant that represents evergreen shrub or tree. Usually, its height can reach from 2 to 6 meters, depending on the area where it grows. The name of the plant was due to the fact that its branches and leaves are very similar to the laurel, but the fruits are almost impossible to distinguish from the fruits of the cherry. Today, let's talk about what is a laurel cherry, and this will help us with his photos, which will be shown below.

Laurel cherry at home is used as a shrub and gardening interior. But it is possible the use of a hedge in landscape design. However, this should take into account the climatic features of the region. Proper care of the plant provides rapid growth of green mass. A simple reproduction allows you to get a large amount of planting material.

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Botanical description of laurel cherry and plant photo

The plant laurel cherry boasts a rather interesting botanical description and excellent medicinal properties. Usually, botanists assign this name to a plant that can reach heights from 2 to 6 meters, and their branches are equipped with very stiff, leathery leaves. Their color is quite saturated dark green, while they differ from other plants in that they have a glossy surface on the upper side, as shown in the photo below. Botanical description of laurel cherry is presented in short form. But photos of plants allow you to enjoy the splendor of green mass:

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As for fruits, the seeds of laurel cherry are quite poisonous and cannot be eaten, unlike the fruits themselves. Its seeds contain a substance called prussic acid, as well as amygdalin, which botanists find in the leaves and in the bark of a shrub or tree.

Quite often, laurel cherry is used as a hedge, basically such a plant can be seen in warm areas of Europe, Asia and America. In Russia, this shrub can also often be noticed, if only because it has very attractive medicinal properties and is often used in traditional medicine. For example, in the last century, by distillation, laurel leaves with clear water received a fairly good sedative. Until now, this plant is quite widespread in medicine, although it may be poisonous and in some cases fatal, as it contains toxic substances.

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Medicinal properties of laurel cherry and its use in traditional medicine

As for traditional medicine, here it is worth talking about a special type of laurel cherry - drug. It is most common in Russia. Usually this plant can be seen in the photo in the form of a shrub no more than 3-meters in height, but with proper care, gardeners often ensure that it grows to 5 meters. Basically, the medicinal laurel cherry is not much different from other representatives of these trees. Its distinctive feature is that it is used to treat certain ailments, for example, as already mentioned, tincture of it is a wonderful soothing remedy. The medicinal properties of laurel cherries do not end there, so its use in traditional medicine is quite common.

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Lavrovishna medicinal has gained a wide distribution in Russia due to the fact that it is quite cold-resistant. Of course, the bitter frosts are not on her shoulder, but she may well spend the winter in regions where at this time the temperature does not exceed the mark in -25 degrees. This is mainly the south of Russia, where in April and May you can watch the beautiful flowering bushes, and in August taste its fruits.

Often, laurel cherry is used as a medicinal plant as tinctures and oils. This plant contains toxic substances, the use of which has also been found in medicine. They are used as immune modulators, that is, the means perfectly governing the work of the immune system.

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Bay cherry water, which is obtained by distilling freshly cut leaves with steam, is used as a great painkiller. Also, often in medicine, this tool can be found for the treatment of insomnia or tachycardia. When cramps in the stomach, the leaves of this plant are also considered to be quite a useful medicine. In general, laurel cherry is quite widely used in the field of traditional medicine, despite the fact that often, especially in the Caucasus, its leaves in combination with other natural plants heal ailments. Especially often it is used in equal proportions with eucalyptus, myrtle and lavrushka, so if you sew such a set in the pillow - you get an excellent sleeping pill.

How to distinguish between a laurel and a laurel cherry: both shrubs in the photo

Almost all gardeners know that a laurel cherry is very similar to a laurel and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish them from each other. Let's find out exactly how to do it, because the difference between these plants is quite large, it can be seen even in the photo, where these two shrubs are shown. Before you distinguish between laurel and laurel cherry, look at the photo:

Left laurel bush, right - laurel bush

Left laurel bush, right - laurel bush

First of all, pay attention to the fact that the leaves of the laurel tree are larger than the relatively small leaves of laurel. Usually, the former can reach 20 centimeters, when the latter are no more than 10 and are oval-shaped. At the same time, the leaves of the laurel have the same leaf on both sides, while, like that of a laurel cherry, it is glossy from the top. Also, you should definitely know that laurel can be used as a spice, there are a lot of poisonous substances in laurel, which can lead to severe forms of poisoning when used in the wrong way.


Left laurel, right - laurel cherry


Left leaves of laurel, right - laurel cherry

Also, laurel cherry is quite different from laurel during flowering. Her buds are collected in large luxurious brushes that have white flowers. In laurel, they are collected in the axils of the leaves and can not please the eyes with large bouquets.

Laurel blooming from above, laurel cherry blossoms from below

Laurel blooming from above, laurel cherry blossoms from below

The most important difference between trees - in the fruit. The laurel cherry trees are edible, have a pleasant sweetish or bitter taste and can be consumed as soon as they are picked from the tree. At the same time, they are even in color similar to the fruits of cherry - they are red or burgundy, when the laurel fruits are not edible and have a black or blue tint.

Fruits of laurel

Fruits of laurel

Fruits of laurel cherry

Fruits of laurel cherry

It is quite difficult to make a mistake if you compare the leaves of laurel and laurel cherry in a dry form. They are not difficult to distinguish not only in form, but also by the specific smell that emanates from bay leaves. By the way, and to the touch, they may seem tougher.

Lavrovishney care at home and breeding features

To grow a laurel house in the home does not necessarily have any specific conditions, it is enough to know the basics of proper care for this plant and comply with them. First of all, you should take care that the bush has one permanent place on the open ground, on which it needs to be planted in mid-autumn, when the soil is completely saturated with moisture and will be denser than usual. If, however, decided to grow a laurel cherry in a container, then take care of the substrate, which must be prepared from the fertile land and peat. Next, let's talk about all this in detail and find out about the features of reproduction. Caring for a laurel house at home begins with the preparation of a tank for planting. For these purposes, an initial pot size of 5 liters will be suitable.

On occasion, you can make fertilizing using complex fertilizer. After the laurel cherry is planted in the ground it is worth watering immediately. It is also necessary to make watering during droughts.

There are several ways to propagate a laurel cherry. The first and most popular is seed propagation; it is considered the simplest. But, the seeds should be planted immediately after the fruit ripens, over time they lose their properties and germination.


The most difficult is the reproduction of laurel cherries with green cuttings: at the beginning of summer, it is necessary to cut off non-stiff shoots, which are further divided into small cuttings of 10-12 length, see. After that, the cuttings must be planted in the greenhouse. The soil mixture should be defined and the cuttings should be deepened by no more than 3 cm.


At home, the laurel cherry is often planted not only in order to use its unique medicinal properties, but also because it is used as a hedge. In the photo below you can see shrubs that do not exceed 2 meters in height and represent a rather original fence. He will surely like gardeners to amateurs and landscape designers.


In fact, according to some Internet sources, it is the laurel cherry that is the most common plant in order to arrange a hedge on a site. It will be quite difficult to carry out our plans if it needs to be done in the shade, as this shrub loves light very much. But, it is even recommended to land in such conditions if the laurel cherry tower lives in a region with severe frosts.


RџSЂRё creating a beautiful hedge From the laurel cherry you can see a beautiful fence of white bouquets of flowers, and in late summer from red berries, as in the photo below.


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