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Shrub white turf and hedge from it (with photo)

What is a house with a gorgeous garden? First of all - the face of the owner, an indicator of his taste and beauty. On the site you can place all kinds of plants - ampelous or huge bushes. And today we will talk about such a seemingly ordinary-looking shrub, like white logs. Why nondescript? Shrub white turf in the summer is no different from most shrubs - thick branches with green leaves and small white flowers. However, its entire decorative charm and potential unfold with the onset of autumn. The hedge formed from it will be pleasing to the eye not only in spring and summer, but also in the deep autumn. Correct planting and care for hedges described in detail in this article. Well, you can see the white turf in the photo, illustrating all the beauty of the bush:
kustarnik-belyj-deren (1) kustarnik-belyj-deren (2)

This is a kind of decorative evergreen shrubs family "Kizilovyh". In Latin Cornus (such is its real name) is translated as "horn". And it was received for a reason - the branches of the plant are very strong, like the horns of animals.

What is the secret of shrubs?

In the culture of white grass, described as a hedge, which changes its dress several times a year. After all, as soon as the heat subsides, a period of rains begins, the cooling of the trees will heal in a new way. The first impression of him is an ordinary, unremarkable bush. All the greens that surrounded the branches become completely different - transformed into burning orange leaves. They can also be purple, red and even purple. It all depends on the variety that was planted. And in winter you can watch the wonderful coral color of the bark of the branches. The decorative value of this shrub is very high due to these qualities of reincarnation in different periods of the year.

In gardeners, white or cornus alba remains the leader among gardeners. Very tall, sometimes reaching three meters bushes can not be overlooked. It blooms twice a year - after 2-3 years of growth, the first period of flowering will begin in early summer and may repeat in September. In addition to flowers, fruits will appear. So, this plant is also used as fruitful. Some species are known for their tasty, sweet and sour red fruits.kustarnik-belyj-deren (5)ehlegantissima-i-argenteo-marginata (1)

Proper planting and breeding white turf

The most favorable time for planting white grain is the beginning of spring. In this case, the plant will have enough time to root well. This will lead to the fact that the roots will well absorb minerals from the ground, which contributes to further healthy growth. And by winter it will fully mature and safely survive the cold. The correct landing of the white grain will begin with the selection of the site and line of disembarkation.

In general, these bushes are unpretentious to the composition of the soil. But if the gardener starts everything from scratch, it will be necessary to:

  • Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil - in the pit, which was prepared in advance, it is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers - humus, for example;
  • If the area where the bush will grow is marshy, then drainage is necessary;
  • Also, drainage is needed in soils with highly suitable waters.

When buying a finished bush, you must choose a young seedling, not older than 3-4 years. And the marginal attention to the roots - if they are a bit dry, they need to be placed in water for a while in order for the plant to be saturated with moisture.

Let's talk about breeding white sugar, which can occur in two ways - planting seeds and grafting.

Seeds are sold in flower shops. Gardeners who have planted their crops collect seeds that are stored for no more than 5 years. Prepared seeds are planted in the ground in late autumn or early spring. The holes must be no deeper than 5. In order for the sprouts to grow, you will have to wait from 5 to 8 years.

As for grafting, an important fact needs to be emphasized - the plant will grow so much faster. The strongest and healthiest bushes are selected, from which green cuttings are cut. Plants are planted in June so that the roots can grow well until autumn. For the winter period they are warmed or brought into the room.dyoren-belyj-sibirika-variegata (3)dyoren-belyj-aurea (3)

Rules for the care of a hedge of white turf throughout the year

The most important thing in caring for white sap is pruning. It should hold a three-year plant regularly. Without it, the lower part of the bush begins to bare, which will lead to its death. Usually, pruning is carried out twice a year, in autumn and spring. For pruning, the oldest shoots are selected, which will later be the cause of exposure. Rules for the care of a hedge throughout the year include timely feeding and loosening the topsoil. A white turf hedge quickly develops and requires fertile soil.

Pruning of hell planted with hedgerows is carried out in the summer, in July and in August, when shoots bloom profusely. And those bushes that were planted for the sake of decorative bark in winter are held once in 2-3 in the beginning of spring. Branches are cut, on which leaves have not yet begun to grow at a distance of 20 cm from the base. This will lead to abundant growth of new branches.

Unpretentiousness is a good factor for a novice gardener. Watering is needed not frequent. In dry weather, the bushes water no more than 3 once a month. For each crop, the order of 15-20 liters of water per water is taken.

Feed for feedstone is also optional. Only in the period of development after planting several times can fertilize with humus.kustarnik-belyj-deren (4)kustarnik-belyj-deren (3)

The most popular types of turf for hedge (with photo)

Breeders and nature have developed many species that are intended for various purposes. The most popular types of white sod for gardeners in hedges will be discussed below. They can also be seen in the photo. Some are used for planting hedges, others - for the sake of winter beauty. And now we will talk about the most popular varieties and their characteristics:

  • Déren white Eleganceissima and Argenteo-Marginata - these varieties are popular with gardeners due to leaf color. Each leaf has a unique pattern and a white border, in the form of stripes along the edges. These varieties do not lose their unique color even in the shade. In height, such bushes reach 3 meters;
    ehlegantissima-i-argenteo-marginata (2) ehlegantissima-i-argenteo-marginata (3)
  • white Sibirica Red Gnom (Red Dwarf) white grass is a small shrub that reaches no more than 1 m in height. The distinctive features of its counterparts are the bright green spring color of leaves in spring, which darkens in summer, is an excellent addition to the scorching red shoots. The name speaks for itself;dyoren-belyj-sibirica-red-gnom
  • white Siberian buckworm Variegata - reaches as high as 2 m. A distinctive feature are the coral-colored shoots, leaves with a narrow white border. And by the fall of the bushes dress in a purple-pink color. White Dören Variegata is very similar to Elegancessim. You can distinguish the height and color of the leaves;dyoren-belyj-sibirika-variegata (1) dyoren-belyj-sibirika-variegata (2)
  • white Aurea white has reached 2 m high. The young plant has reddish shoots, and the leaves of this variety are the widest. Interesting Aurea just them - in the period of blooming, they are brown with a pink tinge. After a while - acquire a matte yellow color. And by the fall the leaves become bright red. In the shade of the leaves of the usual green.dyoren-belyj-aurea (1) dyoren-belyj-aurea (2)

In the photo of white grass, white looks very interesting, especially in the form of a hedge. Like a single plant looks ridiculous. It is useful not only as an ornamental plant, but also fruitful.

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