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Just one kind of - Kolkvitsiya charming (Kolkwitzia amabilis). This is an exquisite shrub up to 2 m with flexible arcuate hanging shoots. Shrubs blooms colqution in late June - early July. Blossom is abundant, extremely spectacular. Flowers of an original form, gentle-pink, with a dark yellow spot inside, are collected in numerous inflorescences.

A brief description of the collar will help to make a general impression about this plant.

Description of shrub colqution

In autumn, the leaves of the shrub turn bright yellow and red-brown. Kolkvitsiya svetolyubiva, but makes and penumbra. Requires protection from the cold withering wind.

The photo and description of the collocation, the features of care, reproduction are presented below.

The shrub has many trunks, abundant basal shoots appear each year. At first, the branches grow straight, taking an arcuate, hanging shape with time. This is what gives the bush a ball shape. The leaves look like an oval and have a pointed end, the villi are located at the edges.

How does the flower look, look at the photo:

If the shrub is properly cared for, it can grow to 3-4 m in height and about the same in width. The plant has graceful twigs, thin or straight, covered with a bark of red-brown color, which sometimes exfoliates thin crusts.

It is undemanding to soil conditions, resistant to diseases and pests. It is useful to systematically thin out the crown, removing old and weak prosperous growths after flowering. After severe frosting, the colqution is usually restored, but does not bloom in the first year.

See photos of shrub colqution as an element of landscape design, single plants and hedges:

Blossoming of this charming bush about a month in the middle of summer lasts. Flowers densely cover the branches of the plant and almost no leaves behind them. In the autumn period, the foliage becomes bright yellow, and in place of flowers, bluebells are formed boxes with seeds.

Planting and care for shrubs kolkvitsiya in open ground

Planting and caring for a ring requires certain knowledge of gardeners. With the right approach to growing shrubs pleases with abundant flowering for a long period of time, it becomes an ornament to the garden plot.


Care for a colqution has its own characteristics that need to be known to those who want to grow this bush. The plant likes open sunny or slightly darkened places. The amount of sun color produced affects the abundance of flowering. Soil under the shrub need to weed and loosen.

Look at the photo of care for the collar during the spring pruning:

The first pruning of old and dried branches should be done in the spring after the winter cold. The second time pruned branches after flowering to form the crown of the shrub. Winter cold successfully transferred mature plant. A young plant after planting and in the first years of life must be wrapped from frost.

Look at the photo for features of planting and caring for a collar for different ages of the bush. The first figure shows the trimming scheme:

  • for an annual plant;
  • for a two year old plant;
  • how to shorten the shoots.

The second figure shows the algorithm for anti-aging pruning:

  • condition of the shrub before pruning;
  • bush after circumcision;
  • removal of branches and shoots on a neglected bush.

Kolkvitsiya grows well in the suburbs, tolerates the climate of this area. In winter, you need to protect the newly formed shoots from freezing. Also does not like this shrub cold air flow, especially in winter.

Planting and caring for a colony in the suburbs do not have any differences or features. Plant the plant better in spring, when the earth is already warm enough. To protect the root system from freezing and preserve sufficient moisture, mulching is performed using wood chips, peat or bark.

Landing kolkvitsii as follows. A pit is prepared under the seedling, 60 depth cm, filled with a fertile mixture, which is prepared from sand, humus and sod. Top sprinkled with the composition of ash, lime and leafy compost. Planting a young plant is best in soil that is neutral, alkaline or slightly alkaline, fertile and light.

Planting and caring for outdoor field fishing is not only about choosing the right mix of earth mixes. If the area on which you want to plant this shrub has relief drops, then the “landing” place is chosen on a hill, because cool air descends, which negatively affects the development of the plant.

Reproduction Methods

For the reproduction of shrubs using seeds, green cuttings, parts of the bush or shoots. Seeds need to be sown in late autumn, if it is done in the springtime, it is necessary to ensure cold stratification over the 2-3-month period. If desired, and for the best result of the ascent of the seeds, they are treated with 10 minutes with a concentrate of sulfuric acid.

Rooting cuttings occur in late June - early July. It is necessary to take into account their poor survival rate and tolerance of the first winter period, in which they may die during the strong freezing of the soil. Therefore, for safety reasons, rooted cuttings should “winter” the first winter in non-insulated greenhouses. The more mature a shrub becomes, the better it endures the winter cold.

A rather simple and more reliable method of breeding a collar with the help of root processes. Young, healthy and strong sprouts horizontally tilt to the ground, dropping in specially prepared grooves. To facilitate rapid rooting, above the place where the appendix had been buried, an incision of the bark or wire pulling is made. When roots appear and a new plant grows, it is cut off with shears and planted in a place intended for a bush.

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