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Miniature cactus rebution tiny (views in the photo)

A miniature cactus, which is often grown as a home plant, and often in Russia's temperate belts to decorate a plot or garden is a rebution. Some of its species are not whimsical in the care, therefore, perfect for beginners cacti. In this cactus genus, there are about 41 species, many of which are easy to grow as a houseplant. Let's learn about rebuy and care for her at home in more detail and see the popular types of landing at home in the photo.

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Botanical description of the rebution and its photo

Rebution belongs to the Cactus genus and lives mainly in Bolivia, Argentina and Peru, in Russia it is an excellent indoor plant, differing from the others by very slow growth. In general, South America is considered to be the birthplace of this cactus. In this part of the world rebution grows as a desert plant. Flowering can be observed in the summer and late spring, even in natural conditions. The variety of shades of inflorescences is quite large, some of them can be seen closer in the photo below. Next, let's find out in detail about the botanical description of this indoor plant.

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Cactus rebution has a spherical, fleshy stem with a large number of thorns, their length depends on the species. This plant is green in color, but the species are mostly different in shade. Along the entire length of the cactus, the ribs are arranged in a spiraling order with small tubercles.

rebutia-heliosa-8 rebutia-heliosa-9

The plant blooms very nicely, but usually very briefly - 2-3 of the day. In this case, the flower is formed in the lower haloes and as it looks out from under the cactus. In diameter, the inflorescence can reach 2,5-3 cm and has a completely different color depending on the species. But the only color that is not found in rebution is blue.

After the rebuy fade the fruit is formed, bursting and the seeds from it fly around the cactus. Thus, it can be seen that there are a lot of “kids” near this plant, which thrive very much. In general, in nature, such a plant lives in groups in the highlands and is well tolerated by drought. Flowering, as in the natural environment, occurs from a very early age. In the photo below, you can see beautiful flowers that are framed by a fleshy stem of rebution.

rebutia-heliosa-10 rebutia-heliosa-11 rebutia-heliosa-12

Popular cultivated types of rebution (with photo)

The tribe of rebution has a large number of interesting species, many of them were cultivated by skilled gardeners. Let's talk about the most popular cacti lovers who grow in gardens and at home, and also look at them in the photo.


Deminu's rebution type was found in northern Argentina. The stem of this cactus is ball-shaped and reaches 10-12, see. Since the stem is rather bulky in diameter, it is approximately 6-8, see. The stem is very branched at the base and has 12-13 ribs curved in a spiral. Voronkovidnye flowers of this type of rebution have a red-orange shade, occur at the very base and reach 5-6 cm in length.
rebutia-deminuta-1 rebutia-deminuta-2 rebutia-deminuta-3

The type of Fulvizet rebuy is also quite popular, Bolivia is considered to be its homeland, where this spherical plant can be seen with a stem in length no more than 8-10 cm and in diameter 6 see. Glossy funnel inflorescences are also formed at the base of the stem and reach 2,5 cm in diameter as it can be seen in the photo below. The rebution of this species has scarlet and bright red flowers.

rebutia-fulviseta-1 rebutia-fulviseta-2 rebutia-fulviseta-3

Solar rebution grows in its natural environment in the mountainous areas of Bolivia. At the very beginning of growth, the stem of this plant first has the shape of a ball, then is stretched to 8 cm in length. In diameter, it can reach 1,5-2,5; see this species has no spines in the central part of the shoots. The inflorescences are especially beautiful - they grow up to 5 cm in length and up to 4 in diameter, their color is usually red-orange with a purple stripe in the middle.

rebutia-heliosa-1 rebutia-heliosa-2 rebutia-heliosa-3

Another popular type of rebuy is Perplex, which grows in the southern part of Bolivia. The stem of such plants is spherical and reaches 6-8 cm in length and in diameter no more than 3 cm. It differs from others in gray-green color. Bright pink flowers are formed from the side, as shown in the photo below.
rebutia-perplexa-2 rebutia-perplexa-3

Another interesting sight was found in southern Bolivia - the Pulvinosa Rebuy. Such a plant differs from others in a dark, almost black stem of short-capped or spherical shape. Flowers can be completely any color and reach 2 cm in length.
rebutia-pulvinosa-3 rebutia-pulvinosa-4

The last kind, which I would like to talk about, is Starchesky's rebution. It is distinguished by the fact that the wide elongated stem of plants is completely covered with white spines, reaching up to 3 cm long. The inflorescences are usually white and red inside, as shown in the photo below.

rebutia-senilis-1 rebutia-senilis-2

Caring for your child at home

Cactus plant rebuy is not quite whimsical and does not require careful self-care. That is why, they are often grown at home by beginners in gardening, but experienced gardeners do not refuse a couple of beautiful plants in their home. But, all the same it is worth knowing a few simple rules, as without supervision the plant is unlikely to please the household with beautiful flowering such as, for example, in the photo below.


Rebution requires a very bright room, but avoid direct sunlight, as they can burn the stems. Temperature conditions should be different depending on the season. So, in the summer at the rebuy an active vegetative period begins. At this time and in the spring the temperature of the content should be 20-25 degrees. Also, some gardeners plant rebution in open ground in the summer. They multiply well and look in combination with lily plants.

In winter, a period of dormancy of the cactus begins, at which time it can be maintained only when kept in a room with a temperature of no more than 6-12 degrees. As for watering, it should be frequent, but moderate during the growing season, and generally absent when the plant is at rest, that is, in the winter season.


The room where the rebuy is located should not be hot and dusty, for abundant flowering it is necessary to constantly spray the plant from the spray bottle with clean cool water. Such a plant does not require transplantation - it can quite easily grow in one pot over the course of its entire long life. The only thing that fruits quickly crumble around an adult cactus and a lot of hand. But, due to the slow growth of rebution, it is possible not to plant new shoots for a long time. It is in this way that these plants most often multiply, but it is also possible to start this plant at home by dividing the bush, cuttings or seeds, which are sold in specialized stores.


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