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What soil is needed for cacti and succulents

Any gardener should be aware of what kind of soil is needed for cacti to ensure the full growth of plants and their uniform development throughout the year. Properly selected soil for cacti and succulents will not rot the root system and improve the process of assimilation of nutrients. The article tells about what the ground for cacti should consist of, and what should be absent in it. The above information will allow you to make the right choice or pick up all the components and mix the nutrient mixture with your own hands. By the way, the prepared soil for the cactus at home should be roasted in the oven for 3 hours at a temperature not lower than 200 degrees Celsius.

Land for cacti and succulents at home

In the literature you can find many different recipes for soil mixtures for cacti. However, this circumstance should not cause the lover of cacti to be confused. Cacti grow beautifully in a wide variety of soil substrates, as long as some basic conditions are met.

So the land for cacti should be loose and well water and breathable. Land for succulents should not be prone to compaction or clogging. Further, the land for cacti and succulents should not contain easily rotting components, that is, it should not contain, for example, fresh compost. According to its chemical reaction, it should be slightly acidic (for specialists: pH value around 5,5). In addition, it is necessary that the land for the cactus at home in sufficient quantities retained moisture and nutrients and slowly gave them to plants.

Cactivators with a large collection prepare their own soil mixtures for plants and always have enough of the necessary components in stock. Fans of plants that have only a few cacti or a collection of medium sizes can buy a special soil mixture for cacti packaged in small packages. True, it is quite expensive and not always suitable for individual cacti. It is often more profitable to buy the usual flower soil, which retains its structure for a long time, has the addition of crushed clay and hardly contains pests or weed seeds.

The composition of the soil for cacti

For the preparation of soil composition for cacti soil mixed in the ratio 1: 1 with loosening material, for example, coarse sand, fine gravel, crushed lava slag (basalt), crushed pumice or perlite. This additive is necessary to increase the water and air permeability of the substrate; its coarse-grained and solid structure is very important. Therefore, coarse sand can be used as a loosening material, and fine, and even with admixture of clay, on the contrary, is not suitable for preparing a substrate for cacti.

For cacti preferring humus soil, you can mix 60% soil mix with 40% disintegrating agent, for species susceptible to over-wetting and needing a small amount of water, use a mixture consisting only of 40% soil and 60% mineral disintegrant. Only for extremely rare cacti originating from areas with extreme climatic conditions, which are cultivated by specialists rather, it is necessary to make a special mineral substrate, most often completely devoid of humus.

The exception is growing epiphytic forest cacti. These include "Christmas" and "Easter" cacti, various types of rippsalis and selenitsereusy (with this also the real "queen of the night"), as well as many phyllocactuses. They prefer a humus-rich and at the same time loose substrate, which has an acid reaction. For these cacti flower soil is mixed with crushed sphagnum moss, a small amount of peat, as well as perlite or foam flakes.

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