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South American beauty - Anthurium flower (with photo)

At home, the anthurium flower is grown by many as a talisman, bringing happiness, health and good luck to men. In this connection, the South American beauty has acquired another name - “male happiness.” Beautiful plants raise the mood for the whole day. And the fragrance will accompany the person for a long time. Dilute everyday life with bright colors is very simple. To grow a beautiful plant that will be an exquisite decoration - art. And this skill needs to be trained diligently, with attention. It is necessary to give love to flowers with love, because they feel the same as we do. At home, growing anthurium includes such agrotechnical techniques as planting and transplanting, care, watering and loosening the soil. All this can be found in the proposed article, but for now look at the Anthurium flower in the photo:
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South America gave us many unique and beautiful plants. And among them is Anthurium, the photo of which can be viewed on this page. By the way, doctors advise to have anthurium in the home of those people who often suffer from bouts of depression. The cheerfulness that this bright flower emits will not leave indifferent even the most sullen person.
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Where did the plant come to our homes: history, types and features

It is useful to know about where a particular plant came from in our homes - care and maintenance rules depend on it. The history of anthurium, its main types and peculiarities of growing at home are presented here. They brought this beautiful flower to Europe about 500 years ago when Spanish colonists just started to visit the shores of Central and South America. Then hundreds of new flowers were introduced, as well as hundreds of fauna representatives. Tropical flower Anthurium at home caught on well. The world knows more than 900 species of this plant. Among them are long-haired vines, green bush plants. In the majority there are species that grow on tropical trees, with roots wrapped around the trunk of a tree and descend to the ground - epiphytes.

An anthurium leaf deserves a separate word, they come in various shapes and sizes. Most often, it is a heart-shaped dark green leaf that can reach 40 cm in width, and 45-50 in length in cm. And there are also leaves that resemble a shovel in shape. You can also see round leaves. Rarely, these flowers are dissected. Combines the sheets - the breadth and rich color, which emphasizes the uniqueness and beauty of the whole plant.

In Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, Anthurium is called “male happiness” and it is believed that in a married couple this “happiness” should be kept in a pot together with a “female” - spathiphyllum. This combination brings the family well-being, harmony and love. Also, two similar plants will perfectly complement the interior of any room. Blood with milk is a win-win combination.anturium (14) anturium (13) anturium (12)

Anthurium care methods at home

First of all, what you need to know about our indoor flower is that the earth must retain moisture, but dry out without problems, and minerals for growth. Also, the substrate must provide air access. Methods of care for the anthurium at home every florist should know. By the way, do not put a flower next to heating objects, despite the fact that the plant is thermophilic. As a rule, heating systems dry the air, and anthurium requires moisture to grow. To prevent the flower from drying out, spray its leaves.

It is important to know that if you only purchased an Anthurium store, a transplant is required immediately. From the store pot should be transplanted into a larger container. All this should happen within three days.anturium (2) anturium (1)

Sometimes the question “How to transplant anthurium?” Arises. The problem is that its roots are very sensitive and the slightest damage can lead to the fact that the anthurium will wither.

There are several reasons for which transplantation is required.

  • The first and most common is overgrown roots. Just take and remove the flower from the pot and see how much the roots have grown. If the earth lump is all entwined with roots - a transplant is required urgently;
  • The second reason is a disease that hit the poor fellow. In order to get rid of it, you need to process the leaves, roots and everything else with medical solutions, and then transplant;
  • The third and last - poor quality soil. If the plant does not bloom, grows slowly, then the earth is not sufficiently acceptable for the flower. The soil must absorb moisture and dry quickly, be loose, which allows air to pass through. Pick just such a substrate.

In order not to damage the root system during transplantation, you need to do everything with care. First, you need to get the plant out of the pot, then rinse the roots off the ground. After, you need to dry the anthurium and, finally, land it.anturium (11) anturium (10) anturium (9)

Plant problems and ways to overcome them

There is nothing special in the care of anthurium, the hybrids, which are most often found at home, were divorced in order to simplify the process of caring for the plant. Some of the species bloom throughout the whole year. Thanks to breeders. Problems with the plant are quite rare and there are ways to overcome them.

This flower needs light, but it is not recommended to place it on the windowsill, where direct sunlight abundantly illuminates the room. Despite the fact that Anthurium is a shade-tolerant plant, it will not bloom without light, growth will be slow.

If you notice that your anthurium turns yellow and dries, then this may be due to several reasons:

  • Soil with excessive moisture, which led to the deterioration of the roots, namely their rotting. In order for the flower to come to life, it is necessary as quickly as possible to get it out of the pot and cut off the rotten roots. On the ground, in order to heal the wounds, sprinkle with cinnamon. You can also use crushed charcoal;
  • Excess fertilizer in the substrate. You need 3-4 weeks after having washed the ground, not to feed the plant with additives;
  • The roots have grown, as they became cramped in a pot. A simple solution is to transfer to a larger pot;
  • The lack of light from which suffers pigmentation. Also, the flower may turn yellow and dry due to an excess of light, resulting in burns.

Unfortunately, the anthurium of the disease suffers extremely hard and if it does not act in time, the flower may die. For example, aphid can completely damage our flower. The leaves must be treated with a special mixture of tobacco. You can use a pyrethrum solution. To enhance the effect, use Derris - a complex drug. By adding it to the mixture, it helps get rid of the damage caused by harmful aphids. If such a mixture does not help, then it is necessary to use stronger drugs - Actellic or Karbofos. Does not help? Then do the processing several more times until the aphid damage completely disappears.

Anthurium leaves can be damaged by septoria. In order not to spread the disease, the affected leaves must be cut off, and anthurium must be treated with vitriol from copper. If you do not cut the leaves, then there will be no flowering and growth, and in the end, our experimental will die.anturium (8) anturium (7) anturium (6)

What to do if anthurium flowers do not appear?

There are cases when anthurium does not bloom, it happens, often simply because of the complex nature of the plant. At home, this is due to insufficient heat, the defeat of disease, an excess of moisture. The capricious plant is very hard to get acclimatized in modern apartments. What to do if for a long time anthurium flowers do not appear?

In order for anthurium to blossom, you need to adhere to all of the above rules: a land with free access of air that dries well, but also absorbs moisture perfectly. Solar color should not be much, but in the shade the flower should not become. With an unsuccessful transplant, it is also possible the plant will not bloom. Be patient and then your work will be rewarded to you in full.

Water your flower, but do not water it, spray the leaves, occasionally feed it with mineral fertilizers. This capricious seigneur should bloom if you are not fanatical about him. Did yellow leaves appear? Rearrange it. Doesn't a flower grow at all? Transplant in a bigger pot with another substrate. All this may seem too complicated, but it is worth adhering to certain rules to get a beautiful element of decor in your room. The smell and beauty will be provided for a long time.anturium (5) anturium (4) anturium (3)

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