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Flowers royal strelitzia: growing and care in the home

Let the bird of paradise give you pleasure and unforgettable aroma if you grow royal strelitzia from seeds at home. Flowers give life to living organisms. People breathe oxygen that all plants secrete. This circle of life must be constantly maintained. Nature has given us many unique plants that delight us with their beauty. And the heady aroma issued during flowering is worth the effort expended during courtship of the plants. Nice to go into a clean and fresh room. Strelitzia flowers are ideal for decorating, and growing them at home from seeds will not be difficult. Care is standard. Look at the photo of Strelitzia royal flowers in all the variety of petal colors:
korolevskaya-streliciya (3) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (4) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (5) _600x600In order to refresh the room with a pleasant smell, flowers of Strelitzia are well suited - plants of South African origin. It was brought to Europe by the British. In fact, the flower was named after the Queen of Great Britain. Does not have a stem as such. Consists of long petioles, which can be from 50 to 90 in length. From the petioles grow oblong leaves of dark green color, similar to banana. In nature, Strelitzia is found in water bodies with tall plants that protect against sunburn.

This flower is popular with many decorators. It is very easy to tolerate cold winters. Grow strelitziya, both in the garden and in greenhouses. But in your house it will look most welcome.
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Gaining popularity with decorators around the world

Professional decorators decorate the rooms and gardens with this flower. The conquest of popularity with decorators around the world was rapid. And it became so popular due to a number of qualities that are found only in Strelitzia:

  • The shape of the flower is like a bird. Therefore, South African tribes call it a swan plant or "bird of paradise." This form is unique;
  • Variety of shades. Most of the flowers are colored bright orange, but the selectors have made many other shades;
  • Long flowering, which reaches almost two months. During the entire period of flowering, strelciation produces a heady, but very pleasant aroma.

korolevskaya-streliciya (8) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (9) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (10) _600x600

Decorators decorate flowerbeds with this flower. Thus, the garden acquires a highlight - such orange swans, which “float” among many other plants. But not only in the garden, but also in the house, Strelitzia will be a terrific decoration for home environment.

Strelitzia is usually not found at home, as it is very difficult to grow. For the home most suitable royal strelice. This species is most often found in housewives in the garden and indoors. The plus of this plant is that it can bloom twice a year - the first time in the middle of autumn, the second at the end of winter. There are a couple of nuances that you need to know about Streltion. The first one loves sunlight, the second one needs a lot of space for growth.

korolevskaya-streliciya (11) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (12) _600x600

Features home care: watering, grooming, temperature

As mentioned above, the plant needs sunlight and space. It is necessary to take into account these two factors. If you plant them close to each other - they will interfere with growth. Features care home take into account many aspects. This is watering and moistening the soil, caring for deciduous mass, suitable temperature. However, it is recommended to plant tall plants with strelitzia at close range - this will save the flower from sunburn.

A few nuances about the care of Strelitzia at home:

  • Winter temperatures should not be below 12 degrees. The best option is 15 degrees of heat;
  • In summer, the plant is suitable for room temperature - no more than 25 degrees;
  • It is advisable for the plant to periodically spray the leaves;
  • Spring and autumn require regular watering, while in the winter - periodic to keep the soil moist;
  • In order for a flower to be healthy, it needs fertilizing in the form of fertilizer. For indoor species, for example, need feeding from the beginning of spring until the very end of summer.

korolevskaya-streliciya (13) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (14) _600x600

For some reason, it may be that your strelitzia does not bloom. This can occur after transplanting the plant into a larger pot. Do not rush to conclusions that you hurt him. In order for the plant to bloom, its roots must occupy all the soil in the pot. Or you moved the flower to a dark corner. Then, it just needs to be rearranged to a lighter place. Well, the last case is a little fertilizer. Also, do not overdo it with top dressing. It is enough to fertilize three times in the spring and not more than two in the summer. To improve flowering, use Bud - it speeds up this process.
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All the growing royal strelitzia seed (with photos)

The very laborious process of growing royal strelitzia out of seeds - all the burden can be overcome, but for this you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Usually, reproduction occurs by separating mature lateral processes called babies. But they do not always grow. They are obtained only from healthy plants. Look at the photo - what the result will end up:
korolevskaya-streliciya (17) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (18) _600x600

But the cultivation of strelitzia seed easier. It should be borne in mind that the seeds in the ground need to be planted fresh, otherwise the flower simply will not grow. Before the seeds that will be planted, it is necessary to warm up in forty-degree water. Leave them to swell, and in the meantime prepare the ground. Take the usual plastic cups and make small holes in them. Then, you need to fill plastic containers with earth, which will contain peat. Also, sand is necessary for good soil. To improve growth, you need to add more compost. Then pass this soil through boiling water and leave to cool.

After all the operations performed, one seed should be placed in a cup. It should be pressed into the ground, and then covered with glass. Thus, it is possible to avoid the appearance of a fungus, which can spoil the seed and put on “no” the whole process of maturation. The flower will appear in about six months. With the advent of the first sheet, Strelitzia should be transplanted into more capacious dishes. The roots are capricious, because they are very fragile, so it is necessary to transplant the flower very carefully. Damage to the roots can affect the entire growth of the plant in the future.

The plant will not soon give the first flowers. To do this, you need to care for the flower for 5 years. By 8 years, the longest flowering period, and a total of Strelitzia blooms throughout 10 years.

korolevskaya-streliciya (19) _600x600 korolevskaya-streliciya (20) _600x600Pay attention to the Internet on the photo of flowers streltion - they are beautiful. There are no people who would regret having planted this wonderful flower. Of course, it is necessary to take care of the Strelitzia very long and carefully, protect it and follow all the rules. We must not forget to rearrange the light places, so that the flowering gives beauty and an unforgettable scent. If a person is ready to take such steps and devote time to a flower, then he will receive an amazing, and most importantly live, accessory to his house or garden.
korolevskaya-streliciya (21) _600x600

What you need to know a novice gardener? Firstly, it is necessary to use organic and high-quality fertilizers. Only such fertilizers can achieve the desired result. Secondly - to approach with love, as a living person to every flower. They also feel warm. And in the third - always seek the help of professionals, if you notice defects and parasites.

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