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Poinsettia: description, care and methods of reproduction

At home in Mexico, the poinsettia plant (Euphorbia pulcherrima, “Christmas Star”) reaches a height of 3 m and is considered the main paint of tropical gardens during flowering.

Moreover, the flower is known as a Christmas decoration. After flowering, it is thrown away, but in the meantime it is worth saving and growing it further, provided that there is no infestation by aphids. The grassy shoots of the poinsettia gradually become woody, and a beautiful, bushy plant soon develops. Real poinsettia flowers are very inconspicuous, but the bracts are creamy white, salmon, bright red and pink in color. On sale there are potted plants, ampelous species and ornamental stem trees.

  • Family: Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbia).
  • Homeland: Tropical areas of Mexico, Central America.

Giving a description of poinsettia, one should not forget to say that it received its name thanks to the well-known American politician Joel Poinsettu: the Minister of War was fond of botany and, seeing this flower, was struck by its beauty. In addition, this unusual plant is popularly called not only Christmas starbut Bethlehem.

Adaptation of indoor poinsettia flower to home conditions

Experienced gardeners warn that it is necessary to be very careful when buying a flower: the fact is that many unscrupulous sellers are trying to get rid of sick specimens or those who have suffered transportation in uncomfortable conditions. This is fraught with the fact that the process of adaptation and further care for demanding poinsettia will not be easy. That is why try to pay attention to such details as the soil of the plant - it should not be too wet - and unblown buds - just such their condition will indicate that the flower being acquired is healthy and young.

You should also take note of the fact that the Christmas star life cycle can be divided into the period of winter flowering, the state of rest and the growth process. Experts do not recommend buying this or that specimen in December or February, in order not to bring home euphorbia flower, the most beautiful one - poinsettia - with a frozen root system.

As soon as the newly acquired copy is in the apartment, the owner should identify it in a well-lit place - for example, on the window sill - but under one condition: where the Bethlehem star will stand, no drafts should walk.

In addition, immediately after a similar plant appears in the house, it must be ensured that the temperature in the room remains at least within 17-20 ° C. Such special conditions are best maintained during the next 3 weeks.

After this period of time has elapsed, poinsettia, which has already become a home flower, can be transplanted into the ground, which should be diluted with sand and vermiculite. By the way, experts advise also to carry out the drainage procedure: it is necessary to put a layer of small pebbles or ceramic shards on the bottom of the tank. To the note: observing these simple rules, a novice gardener will be able to admire the colorful flowering of the Christmas star for much longer - approximately another 3-4 of the month.

Despite the beauty of the plant, be careful: Milky sap may irritate the skin and mucous membranes. The gardeners with knowledge say that poison is the most dangerous for human eyes.

There are cases when people had an allergic reaction when they came into contact with the poinsettia flower, which earned the name Christmas Star. Sometimes it was possible to observe such side effects as severe nausea and intestinal upset. That is why, to protect yourself from such troubles, it is better to wear gloves before embarking on the process of pruning or transplanting a plant.

Why poinsettia fades and sheds leaves despite proper watering

When purchasing this flower, you need to take into account some of its features.

  • Location: year-round bright diffused, not direct sunlight. For the summer, you can take out the poinsettia in a protected place in the open air.
  • Temperature: loves warm all year round. When grown after flowering, hold for some time at 12-15 ° С.
  • Substrate: flower soil mix.
  • Watering: very important because it can influence why leaves fall and poinsettia fades. Proper watering should be abundant from May to November, before flowering. Withered plants from February to May to water economically.

Now more about each of the points: firstly, a location that is extremely important when caring for a Christmas star - a wayward poinsettia - at home. It should immediately adopt the fact that this instance prefers light, secluded - that is, without drafts - places.

In addition, from June to September, the plant can and should even be left in the fresh air. If there is no such possibility, you should try not to forget to ventilate the room where the poinsettia is located. It is always necessary to control the amount of oxygen entering the flower: to do this, do not forget to loosen the soil.

Very often, beginning gardeners do not understand why poinsettia suddenly sheds leaves: The fact is that this may be due to a lack of lighting - especially in winter. To avoid such phenomena, it is better to take care of an additional light source in advance - for example, in the form of table lamps.

However, it should not be forgotten that the opposite should be done in the fall: The plant requires as little sun or other rays as possible.

How to care for poinsettia at home at the time of flowering and how to water the flower

Maintaining the required temperature - should not be below 18 ° C - this is probably one of the invariable conditions on how to properly care for the poinsettia flower in the house. An exception can be considered only those cases when the plant blooms - that is, in winter: in this situation the mark on the thermometer cannot fall below 14 ° C. But in the so-called rest period on the thermometer there should be at least 12 ° C. Be sure to take yourself note: sudden changes in temperature are very harmful and dangerous for this overseas flower.

As for the humidity level: First of all, experts note that in June-August, it is necessary to water a houseplant often enough - you should focus on when the soil begins to dry out. Watering in winter poinsettia is significantly reduced - it’s about the fact that the land in the pot should be only slightly damp.

It is necessary to remember such a moment that during the flowering the Christmas star needs spraying: For this, distilled water at room temperature is used. Do not forget that it is low humidity in most cases that is the reason why a plant loses its foliage.

Moreover, the lack of water and high temperatures become ideal conditions for the reproduction of such a terrible enemy of this flower, like a spider mite.

Despite this, knowing how to properly water poinsettia is essential: The trick is that the soil of the planted specimen is necessarily well-saturated, but water never collected in the pot tray. In addition, some experts note that the topsoil may be slightly dry.

On top of that, you need to pay special attention to the choice of ground for the Christmas star: it is better if it is slightly acidic - about pH around 6. In addition, it is desirable that this was a soil mixture - that is, a combination of leaf and sod land, with the addition of clay-sod and sand (in the ratio 2: 1: 3: 1).

How to properly care for poinsettia at home so that it blossoms

In order for the Christmas star to blossom, you need to know how to properly care for poinsettia. That is why pay attention to the following stages of this process:

  • Top dressing: From June to November, fertilize weekly.
  • Transfer: from the middle of May, when new shoots appear.
  • Trimming: after the fall of these flowers trim the shoots to half.

It is necessary to understand each stage in turn: so - how to do a transplant. According to the masters of the garden business themselves, this is not a rather difficult process if you follow certain recommendations. For example, it is best to do this procedure in the spring - namely in April-May. In this case, the transplantation of poinsettia will be successful, since it will be carried out after the dormant period ends - consequently, the plant will be rested.

It is also necessary to take into account such a moment that it is best to use the very slightly acidic soil for such an “operation”. Moreover, one should not neglect the procedure of drainage of the soil, which will contribute to the successful process of adaptation of the flower in the "new place".

It will also be necessary to pick up the pot a little more than it was before.

How to transplant poinsettia when grown at home: transplant after purchase

Thinking about how to accurately transplant poinsettia at home, experts agreed that the best way to do this is by the method of transshipment - this is technology when the flower is transferred along with a small earthy clod that rests on the roots. At the same time, the amount of soil in the new tank should be increased.

Such recommendations must be followed during the annual spring transfer of the Christmas star. It should also be remembered that these tips also apply to the moment when it is necessary to produce flower transplant poinsettia only after purchase: having carried out the “transshipment” already mentioned, one should take care of regular watering of the plant and its feeding with means containing potassium. Moreover, it is very important that after the procedure the specimen is in a well-lit, warm place.

The next important condition for the successful growth and flowering of the overseas guest is fertilizer with nutrients. This procedure is carried out starting in March and ending in September - with an interval of weeks between feeding in the 2.

For growing poinsettia at home, it is best to use mineral complexes and mullein solution in the summer months, and during the flowering period - December-February - to use potassium-containing preparations. By the way, it is recommended to apply fertilizers, which contain trace elements such as zinc or molybdenum. Curious is the fact that some masters of garden affairs are afraid of feeding in the winter, when the Christmas star blooms: they say they do not want to jinx it.

Correct poinsettia pruning

In addition to the above, a novice gardener should not forget to carry out the correct pruning of poinsettia. The fact is that this specimen grows quickly enough, therefore, after each flowering period, it is necessary to “cut off” it briefly without fail - there should be a very small stem (about 10 cm in height). It should be noted that this “cosmetic process” is carried out twice a year - in April (before the onset of the rest period) and immediately after transplantation.

These manipulations are necessary, since a gardener who wants to see a neat flower on his window sill must make an effort to form a beautiful crown. Moreover, clearly understanding how to properly care for poinsettia at home, a person will be able to contribute to its further development and reproduction.

Reproduction tips poinsettia cuttings

Experts give some tips on the procedure for breeding this flower:

  • At first, it is best to apply the method of propagation by top cuttings in the summer.
  • Secondly, you can use waste from trimming. In this case, the milky juice will cease to flow in sections, if the cuttings are dipped in lukewarm water.

Please note that it is not enough to take care of poinsettia care only: its reproduction also requires a special relationship with the grower. By the way, in the natural habitat of this plant to increase a kind of uses seeds, but keeping it in the house, a person should resort to another method - breeding using cuttings. This vegetative technology assumes that the separated parts of the Christmas star will be notched at the very beginning of June. In addition, they should not be larger than 10 cm, and no more than 6 strong buds should be left on their surface when pruning.

When using cuttings for flower breeding Poinsettia will have to take care of poisonous juice: the point is that it is necessary to immerse the cut off processes for 5-7 minutes in warm water, in order to get rid of milky juice.

Only then can slices be treated with preparations that contribute to rooting, and boldly plant specimens in a moistened soil mixture, which should consist of humus, sand and, preferably, manure. Care should be taken to ensure that the room temperature during the growing period does not fall below 24º C.

How best to propagate poinsettiya at home

To the question of how best to propagate poinsettia, the majority of experienced craftsmen answer with cuttings planted and aged under film. Experts also recommend not to forget about the right flower lighting and spraying it.

After the expiration of 30 days - this time will be enough for the plant to take root - you can relax a little temperature condition - up to 16-20 ºC. Carefully watching the moment of appearance of the first leaves, you should often air the sapling under the film.

In addition, in order for the future Christmas star to form a beautiful branching, it is necessary to pinch after the formation of the sixth leaf.

At home, the dilemma about how to multiply poinsettia ends as follows: in the fall, the seedlings are moved to larger pots (their diameter is up to 20 cm) and the 12 months are planted in this place for months.

The main diseases and pests of poinsettia

Gardeners consider the red spider mite to be one of the most formidable enemies of the Christmas star, however, other insects also pose a threat to an overseas flower:




Mealy worm

For example, the whitefly harms the plant, leaving glue-like spots on its leaves, and the worm forms a whitish substance. It should be noted that it is the diseases and numerous pests of poinsettia that most often cause this specimen to wither and turn yellow.

That is why experts have developed many reliable popular and modern ways of dealing with these misfortunes. So, you can get rid of aphids and shchitovki using a regular - once a week - wiping the sheets with an ordinary soap solution: it is necessary only after this procedure to arrange a “shower” for a room flower. But you need to fight with worms, using mineral oil to process the same leaves.

Experienced gardeners distinguish gray rot, powdery mildew, and fusarium, a fungal infection, among the main diseases of the poinsettia.

It is necessary to remember that the increased humidity contributes to the appearance of foulbrood: in this case, a grayish mold appears on the plant, which can spread along the shoots, leaves and inflorescences. In such situations, it is better not to rely on the “grandmother’s methods” and immediately use “Fundazol” or “Celandine”.

Why do poinsettia leaves fall, the flower dries out and turns yellow, what to do in these cases

A symptom of the development of Fusarium is darkening of the shoots: this disease can be considered the reason why poinsettia dries up. In turn, powdery mildew with white bloom spreads on the Christmas star, and then acquires brown-brown shades. Please note that these fungal lesions can be destroyed with the help of Topaz and Skora.

Often beginning gardeners do not know why their flower turns yellow. Experts explain that the prerequisites for this can serve as poor plant care. The point is that it is the content of this specimen in rooms with low temperature and excessively abundant watering in many cases become the cause of the diseases of the Star of Bethlehem. But this is not the only answer to the question of why poinsettia turns yellow and fades: insufficient air humidity in the room where the flower is standing can also harm it.

Not having controlled this moment, the master of garden affairs will easily create ideal conditions for the existence of the already mentioned spider mite. This insect quite often contributes to the disruption of plant activity - as a result, yellowing of the foliage.

If a newcomer faces such a problem as an unforeseen leaf fall, he probably didn’t keep up with such important features of growing overseas wonders as moderate watering and a certain temperature regime. Dry air in the room is another factor in why leaves fall at home poinsettia. However, you should pay attention to such a moment that after the Christmas holidays, this plant also resets the “robe”.

This process is natural and, in this case, it is not necessary to take any measures. If the negligent owner himself is the cause of what is happening, he must first establish the source of the disease, and then eliminate it.

That is why, when leaves fall off in Poinsettia, what can be done in this case is to make sure that it is sufficient for the light in which it grows and there is no factor of sudden temperature differences.

How to make poinsettia bloom at home: tips and videos

Having missed something in caring for a plant or ignoring the recommendations of experts, a novice gardener may find that his flower is not covered in lush color. Only the observance of such mandatory conditions as proper temperature and proper lighting will help to correct the situation. That is why, in order to solve the question of how exactly to make poinsettia bloom, all possible factors of this phenomenon should be checked again.

Experienced masters of the garden business brought some useful tips that will surely help newcomers:

  1. Inflorescences fall - make sure that the root system does not rot due to abundant watering.
  2. Brown spots appear - it is necessary to adjust the air humidity.
  3. Pale inflorescences - too much water falls on the foliage of the Christmas star.
  4. Sudden falling leaves - the plant does not have enough light and heat.
  5. Yellow leaves have young poinsettia - you need to check whether it is worth the draft.

Thus, following these recommendations, you can provide your flower a comfortable environment for growth and development.

Rather, look at the video of how poinsettia can flower at home: the plants, regardless of the way they were experimented, delight the eye of those who took care of them.

Why home poinsettia does not bloom and how to make a plant blossom

Quite often, those who have acquired this overseas copy, think about why home poinsettia does not bloom. Experts say that for the formation of flowers and dyeing poinsettia bracts for two months, starting in September, no more than 10-12 hours per day should be illuminated (including lamp or street lamp light) (depending on the variety). Best every night on the 12-14 hours to cover the plant with a bucket or cardboard box.

Poinsettia blooms can be repeated even if you take proper rest during the so-called dormant period.. After all the inflorescences disappear from the Christmas star, it is necessary to reduce watering over the next 40 days. Moreover, this process is carried out only when it becomes clear that the earth in the pot has completely dried out. It is necessary not to forget and cut the plant stems - by about a third - at the end of March. In addition, what else needs to be done to make poinsettia bloom, so do not forget to transplant it into a pot with soil mixture from turf and sheet soil with the addition of compost, peat and sandstone.

It is also necessary to remember that from the end of September (for the next 8 weeks) the flower should receive a smaller amount of sunlight - only 10 hours a day. And after this period of time has elapsed, it is necessary to completely remove the Christmas star in a dark place.

This is necessary in order not to delay the development of the kidneys. Only compliance with these recommendations is the solution to how poinsettia can be made to blossom at home.

Poinsettia Varieties and Varieties

Thanks to its stunning appearance, the Christmas star has been the subject of many experiments by breeders. Now on the market you can see a variety of colors and forms of this amazing plant.

For example, one of the first varieties of poinsettia has the foliage of American oak - Oak leaf. But with this characteristic, few people are surprised now, so scientists enthusiastically took up the breeding of those varieties that should be of compact size and resistance to all sorts of pests and diseases.

This is how the variety appeared Premium Red with rich scarlet buds and gleaming pointed leaves. By the way, this particular flower is considered to be a symbol of Christmas.

After some time, a whole series of the Star of Bethlehem appeared, which was dedicated and named after the conqueror. Fernanda Cortez.

Exquisite Cortez Burgundy, which is characterized by purple wedge-shaped stipules.

Cortez red - covered with blood-red buds, diluted with rich green veins.

Cortez pink - characterized by extraordinary tenderness, expressed in light pink leaves and golden flowers.

It must be said that the poinsettia species does not have: it is unique. All its unusual forms are derived artificially skilled breeders. By the way, varieties, which are characterized by textured leaves, resemble blooming roses or peonies.

The first of these “terry” copies was Winter rosewith carmine buds with a greenish core.

And for example Premium Miro It boasts not only an intricate form, but also a two-tone color - snow-white with an admixture of pinkish shades.

Look carefully at the photo of the beautiful poinsettia flower varieties: Winter rose white different unusual snow-white petals, and Freedom jingle bells combines pale flaming bracts, which are as if circled by an emerald contour, with a shape that resembles the appearance of a royal rose.

White Star - This is a real Christmas star, which has light green leaves with pointed ends.

But the variety Polar BearThe name of which is translated as “polar bear”, for all those who see it for the first time, causes thoughts of frosty drawings on the window.

It should also be noted that due to the hard work of breeders and the natural mutations of the overseas flower, we managed to create extraordinary variegated specimens. They are so undemanding and are considered the most suitable for growing at home.

For example, Sonora marble has white and pink colored undertones upper and brightly green bottom leaves

Winter blur marble amazes with the beauty of its pink bracts, outlined with snow-white edging, and emerald foliage. Moreover, these varieties are resistant, so their owners do not need to worry about why poinsettia will fade.

Such a delicious variety as Strawberry and creamIt is considered one of the most beautiful among the "marble" copies. Her color resembles the chaotic whirl of soft white spots that are scattered on young, very small leaves.

Like Oak leafThis variety has a fancy foliage shape similar to American oak.

Monet twilight - A plant, having seen that, many people cannot come to their senses for a long time: pink-cream bracts seem to be smeared with a red-scarlet tassel.

The variety named after the great painter does not leave indifferent: a flower Da Vinci pleases the eye with its carmine-flaming foliage.

Thanks to this diversity, every modern gardener can choose the Christmas star that will “light up” his house.

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