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Gardening residential and office space is a fascinating occupation, since there are a great many kinds of plants for this. Among them come across real pearls. The flower Solanum psevdokapsikum grows well at home and allows you to admire an unusual bush, brightly decorated with burgundy, orange yellow berries. Unfortunately, they can not be eaten, as they are highly poisonous. But the decoration of the plant is really amazing - bright and juicy, stylish and unusual. How to properly care for Solanum and cut the bush in order to form the crown, can be found in the proposed material. Unusual indoor shrubs can be viewed on the photo of Solanum on the page:

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Description and photo of Solanum - first acquaintance

A culture description may take several pages, but we will not tire of boring and dry veils from the botanical library. Still, this is the first acquaintance with an unusual shrub. Flower Solanum is a bright representative of the family of nightshade, different poisonous. It has no special requirements for the environment, but the lack of sunlight can lead to excessive stretching of the branches and the loss of an attractive appearance. Look at the photo of solanum - the period of fruit ripening makes it a real handsome man:

solanum-psevdokapsikum (15) solanum-psevdokapsikum (14) solanum-psevdokapsikum (13)

In the first year of development, the shrub requires a careful approach to the formation of a beautiful crown. It should be timely cut stretching shoots. After 1,5 - 2, white buds are blooming in the leaf axils, inside of which there is an ovary. All varieties, without exception, belong to self-fertile crops, which makes it possible to successfully tie berries in indoor conditions without external pollination. Experienced growers recommend shaking plants vigorously at 1 once a day during mass flowering. This improves the percentage of fruit set.

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Is it possible to eat the fruits of solanum or use them in any way? No, it is strictly prohibited to do this. The berries contain the strongest poison - solanine. Keep children and pets safe. They should not have access to shrubs.

How to care for solanum pseudocapsicum at home

Features of the organization of care for solanum pseudocapsicum at home are mainly based on the danger of poisoning during agrotechnical measures. Therefore, all procedures (especially pruning) should be carried out in rubber gloves and protecting the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes. It should also be possible to collect falling berries. To do this, you can use a fine mesh, which is stretched around the pot. How to care for Solanum at home - try to tell you about all the details. In the meantime, look at the photos of the bush:

solanum-psevdokapsikum (9) solanum-psevdokapsikum (8) solanum-psevdokapsikum (7)

First you need to choose the right place. The plant needs sufficiently intense lighting, but it does not tolerate direct sunlight. In bright and diffused light, the bushes quickly become covered with a cap of snow-white buds and give a bountiful harvest of ornamental berries. Can be grown on eastern and western window sills. If it begins to shed leaves, then probably there is not enough light and you need to rearrange the pot to another window. In the period from late May to September, the plant can be carried out to the open air. Some growers practice summer cultivation in greenhouses where cucumbers and tomatoes grow. This is a useful technique because the flowering bush of Solanum attracts a huge amount of natural pollinators - bees and bumblebees.

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In room conditions it is necessary to carefully protect from drafts and even a short-term lowering of the ambient air temperature. Optimal parameters - 18 - 27 degrees above zero. Since November, a gradual decrease in temperature to 18 degrees is necessary. This will provide decent conditions for preparing the bush for the next fruiting season.

Abundant watering is carried out in spring and summer - every day until the earthen coma is fully hydrated. Starting in September, the number of waterings is gradually reduced, bringing them to 1 times a week by the beginning of December. But the green mass should be sprayed daily, preferably in the morning. Including in the winter. Solanum is very picky about high humidity, with a sharp decrease in this parameter can completely reset all foliage in order to reduce the area of ​​evaporation of precious moisture.

In mid-April, the care of Solanum is complemented by the regular application of mineral fertilizers in liquid form. For this, various special mixtures are used. You can choose "Agricola".

How to prune and propagate solanum?

Pruning is the most important agrotechnical event. It should be started half a year after planting, when the lateral branches start moving. Otherwise, you risk getting an awkward, stretched in different directions plant, and not a compact neat little bush. How to prune solanum pseudocapsicum correctly - there are several tips on this subject:

  • primary pruning is to nip all the regrown branches at the level of the second bud;
  • re-pruning is required at the moment when the lateral shoots reach growth in 10, see. They are shortened to the level where the buds are located along 2;
  • anti-aging pruning is done every fall;
  • in the spring, with the help of trimming, the bush is given the correct shape - for this, all the branches are cut in such a way that the shape of the ball is obtained.

At home, solanum can be propagated by grafting and sowing ripe seeds. The seedling is planted in mid-February in the soil, which is suitable for sowing peppers and tomatoes. The soil should be half of the organic humus and 2 parts of sod land. Mineral complexes are added as needed. Sowing is carried out in a continuous way, on top of the seeds cover 5 mm of soil. Shoots appear after 3-4 weeks. A picking into separate containers can be carried out with the appearance of the first pair of true leaves. Landing on a permanent place of growth is carried out in late April. And in July, required the first pruning.

Reproduction of Solanum cuttings is also quite a simple procedure. After pruning, twigs longer than 10 cm are selected. They are immersed in 1 / 3 in warm water with the addition of Kornivin. After 2 weeks, white roots appear and the cuttings are ready to be planted in the ground. After planting the pot can be placed to the greenhouse or cover the cuttings with a glass jar of sufficient volume.

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