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Room cypress - fashionable home plant (with photos)

Cypress room will please the eye, provided that if properly organized care at home. Recently among housewives it has become very fashionable to grow coniferous plants at home. One of these is the cypress room, which even designers recommend to purchase. The fact is that this tree is distinguished by a number of features. This fashionable home plant cleans the air much better than others, due to the release into the atmosphere of a large number of phytoncides. These substances perfectly remove various harmful bacteria and viruses from the air. Let's find out more about this plant, see its photo and read some rules for caring for it. And also we will tell about what to do if it dries - what agrotechnical measures will help to reanimate the pet. In the meantime, look at the cypress room in the photo, which shows the diversity of its species:

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At home, cypress species such as evergreen and Kashmiri are well established. They can often be found on the shelves in flower shops. By the way, such a houseplant is quite capable of turning into a lush tree, so it must be controlled. This is done by skilled housewives in two ways - the tree is pinched, and the branches are shortened to the formation of a neat crown, as in the photo below:

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How to care for indoor cypress at home

Before you buy or plant a cypress room at home, you need to know that this plant is quite fastidious and requires special care, which we will continue to speculate about. how take care of a tree at different stages of its development - the recommendations are somewhat different. Therefore, we turn to the experience of experienced flower growers.

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First of all, you should take care of proper lighting of your plant. For room cypress just need a very bright light, but it should not be left in the sun, as it is afraid of direct sunlight. Of course, many will say that how then can a tree grow in natural conditions, where it spends much time in the sun? When answering this question, flower growers say that only adult plants can cope with direct sunlight, and young specimens grow quietly in the shade. Quite often, gardeners make a big mistake when they plant their pets in the garden for the summer during the heat. Thus, the cypress simply does not take root, as very bright, but diffused light is needed for young saplings, therefore in the first couple it is better to keep it at home.

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It is believed that cypress is not quite a houseplant, as it must comply with seasonality. Thus, not everyone can keep it at home - it needs a full winter and summer. But, if possible, you can create a certain temperature, in the summer you need to keep at a temperature of 20-30 degrees, and in the winter no more than with 8. But it is worth knowing that such a spread is necessary only for young trees, as a fully grown plant can easily cope with both heat and bitter frosts. A full-fledged cypress root system is well developed in contrast to the young. But, if it grows exclusively at home, then it is not necessary to put it in the frost, since the root system is limited to a pot and will freeze in just two hours.

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Also, for proper maintenance and care of the cypress just need to comply with a certain humidity. The fact is that in their homeland, this plant usually grows near the seas and other bodies of water, so with a low moisture content in the air it can simply die. If the moisture is not enough, the plant can start to fall ill, especially if it is very young. The appearance of the tree often suffers from this - there may be bald patches that may not recover for a long time. That is why flower growers recommend to owners of indoor cypress not to put this plant near heating appliances and, if possible, to spray it with clean water from a spray bottle. Also, moss or pebbles, which is laid out in a pot, as shown in the photo below, can help increase air humidity. If possible, you can purchase a special humidifier for this plant.

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In order for the cypress room to grow a beautiful tree and to please the eyes of the household, it is necessary to be able to water it properly, because this is the basis of all care for it at home. This should be done when it is required. To understand the irrigation system, you should watch it for some time, namely, its root system and how much water it uses. In no case should not ensure that the earth was completely dried. Since the cypress, even a room is a seasonal plant, it is necessary to water it in different ways at different times of the year. In the summer you should make abundant watering, but do not flood the plant. In winter, it is best to water rarely, but not to dry the soil.

The plant can be transplanted only once a year - in early spring, while carefully selecting the size of the pot so that it does not hamper the further development of the indoor cypress root system. But, this is until it reaches the required height, when the plant grows up it can be replanted once a year in 2-3. In no case, during transplantation, do not destroy the earthen clod at the base of the root, as there are mushrooms that help the tree absorb useful substances.

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High-quality top dressing and substrate is the basis for the care of indoor cypress, as the first it is best to use mineral fertilizers, and for the second it is suitable substrate for coniferous plants.

At home, multiply cypress only in two ways. The first - it is stiff cuttings that are planted in the ground and put in a greenhouse. After the 1-2 months have passed, they will give rise and growth will begin. The second method is reproduction by seeds, which can be found in flower shops.

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Quite often, gardeners wonder why cypress has become yellow or dry, and they think that it could be some kind of pest or disease. But, in fact, the indoor plant of this species is very resistant to this. Therefore, many growers say that cypress can start to dry due to improper care, which it requires.

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